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Jiu Jitsu
Just seeing if anyone trains Jiu jitsu and where are the best places to go...
09 Jul 2012
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by Lincoln Lastest Post
04 Feb 2015
ALL ARE INVITED,With recent discussion regarding children with allergies in Naples this is a positive step in supporting and educating both ch...
18 Sep 2010
1597 5
by Kelly Lastest Post
28 May 2014
Fertility Clinics in Naples, Any Advice??
Hi, we are newly arrived in Naples and looking for a fertility clinic to pursue IVF. I have already gone through testing in the U.S. and it is our onl...
04 Aug 2010
2287 12
by Larry Lastest Post
31 Dec 2013
3D / 4D Ultra
Does anyone know a private place that performs ultra sounds here in Naples area? Would appreciate a contact info.. Thank you!!...
15 Nov 2012
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Kefir grains
Does anyone here in the Naples area make their own kefir milk?  I accidentally blended my grains up in a smoothie and would love to get a few mor...
21 Oct 2012
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by Helen Lastest Post
25 Oct 2012
I decided to white my teeth!
Hello! Tell me, i beg you, what way of the teeth whitening do some of you employ or consider being the top one? How many colours would it lighten your...
05 Sep 2012
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Allergies to All Nuts, Eggs, Dairy and Soy
Hi EveryoneAfter going through many forum discussions on here; it seems like many parents here have children with mulitple allergies.  With ...
04 Jan 2012
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by Laura Lastest Post
10 Jan 2012
Who's a good Orthodontist off base?
Where can I find a good Orthodontist?  We are a civilian family that is not able to utilize the military Ortho.  ...
12 Dec 2010
2298 5
by Michelle Lastest Post
14 Sep 2011
Dental cleanings
I was wondering how often you have been receiving cleanings at the dental clinic.  I'm referring to the regular, routine cleanings....
14 Apr 2011
1739 5
by Mandy Lastest Post
27 Jul 2011
Good Place for Facial
Anyone knows professional place for good, quality facial that could recommend? Need extraction, not jus...
28 Mar 2011
1593 3
by Isobel Lastest Post
07 Jun 2011
Doctors for kids here?
Hi y'all!  I'm civilian and just arrived with my 3 kids.  I want to know if anyone can reccommend a good doctor for kids since mine have som...
03 Oct 2010
1403 3
by Cat Lastest Post
16 Nov 2010
Oral Surgery at the Hospital
Hello people, I have a concern and I would like you to share you expereinces with me. My child is 7 years old and she is ...
30 Oct 2010
2228 7
by M. Lastest Post
04 Nov 2010
Peanut Free Does Mean Their Giving Away Free Peanuts!
I have been compeled to write this because I am having a hard time understanding why parents here knowingly send their children to school with ite...
15 Sep 2010
3830 53
by JoAnne Lastest Post
21 Sep 2010
Giving birth on base
Anybody wants to share experiences?I'm kinda scared since they don't have all the equipments if something happens.Thanks....
17 Aug 2010
1419 5
by MariJai Lastest Post
31 Aug 2010
Flu shots
I attended the elementary schools open house the other night.  they announced that the flu shots will be mandatory for all kids this year...Im wo...
27 Aug 2010
1119 5
by JoAnne Lastest Post
30 Aug 2010
Re: Garbage and being told you MUST live on base
Kim, sorry, I tried to post under your link (post reply) but it kept telling me to insert text, which I am guessing was this (I think?) anyway...
16 Jul 2010
1564 0
Garbage and being told you MUST live on base
  Having only been here for 10 days and can't help but notice the trash piles getting bigger and bigger.  I am curious to know how long the ...
15 Jul 2010
1207 1
by KB Lastest Post
15 Jul 2010
I'm worried the shots at the hospital have Thimerosal. I don't want my kids to get autism, can i refuse to give shots to them? I'm not excited abo...
11 Nov 2009
2049 22
by Jill Lastest Post
12 Jul 2010
CPR Certified.
I am trying to get CPR certified where can I go and do this at....
Tim and Kristina
07 Jul 2010
1044 1
by Myia Lastest Post
07 Jul 2010