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Are you new to the area or a long time resident and would like to dive or get into diving while stationed in Bella Napoli?  Naples Italy diving o...
25 Mar 2013
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by Thomas Lastest Post
02 Apr 2013
Playdate in Pozzuoli
Hi Mommies, I live in Pozzuoli and would like to start up a play date group.  I have a 1 year old little girl and I'm a stay at h...
03 Dec 2010
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by Katariina Lastest Post
16 Feb 2013
possible scam ?
Today when my husband was out in the car. He overtook a vehicle and he was not close as he was overtaking or anything like that. The guy followed behi...
10 Sep 2012
1457 1
by Lincoln Lastest Post
12 Sep 2012
THIEVES on BASE...!!!!
I'm soooooooooo Angry! A few weeks ago, someone broke into our storage, in Bldg.2040 and stole a few things from our storage... The...
14 Apr 2011
2583 7
by NicoleX Lastest Post
25 Jul 2012
Uniform Sale at the Thrift Store - Sat Jan 7
4th of july?
Was yesterday at Carney Park a 4th of July celebration or an italian party??  it was hard to tell.  ...
05 Jul 2010
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by robert Lastest Post
21 Dec 2011
Anyone know what's going on with KFC?...
15 Nov 2011
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by DAVID Lastest Post
21 Nov 2011
Church in Avellino
Hi, we are a family of 5. We have been missionaries for many years now, moved to Avellino in 2004 and planted a mission.There is a church service once...
03 Oct 2011
1140 1
by ABE Lastest Post
14 Oct 2011
Please be aware of johnny's automatic cars across from support site
Hello,I want everyone looking to purchase a used car to be aware of the situation I'm currently going through with Johnny the car salesman across ...
16 Jul 2011
2038 4
by jelena Lastest Post
19 Sep 2011
Book Club
Hi, my names Leah and I'm a dependant living in Licola. When I was in the states I was always apart of a book club of sorts and I was thinking that it...
20 Jul 2011
1356 4
by NOSC Lastest Post
03 Sep 2011
Dental care out in town
by Cat Lastest Post
12 Jul 2011
tints services.
See ad under auto stuff .  ...
23 May 2011
1080 0
I have been stewing for days now wondering why I feel like the only parent here that sees whats going on with these kids on the playground.  This...
20 Aug 2010
2685 32
by Gregory Lastest Post
10 May 2011
for sale o not?
I like know why some people post stuff on sale ,(if they are for sale) and when you contact then ,the never answer,o if the thing is sold the not take...
14 Apr 2011
1312 2
by Tim and Kristina Lastest Post
18 Apr 2011
I was wondering if anyone had any experience with gymnastics off base.  The youth center is unable to have classes right now and I really want my...
31 Mar 2011
1047 0
Maxwell - wanted to buy ad!
There was a post a few months ago warning those 'authorized' to sell on NAH not to sell to Maxwell (AKA Max). I have to agree, Max is a hu...
22 Feb 2011
1141 1
by ABE Lastest Post
17 Mar 2011
PCS Sale
We will be PCS'ing soon and want to sell a lot of our stuff  including furniture but do not have the means to take all to the base to sell it ...
03 Mar 2011
1274 4
by JoAnne Lastest Post
06 Mar 2011
Reduction in Force!
Last week the Naval Region Commander (CNRE) put out information on the reduction of positions and consequently on the reduction of local national e...
04 Oct 2010
2812 28
by NicoleX Lastest Post
18 Feb 2011
Spouse Employment
My spouse is a licensed cosmetologist, and she is worried about getting a job at the salon in the exchange. We heard that they usually hire locals. ...
26 Jan 2010
3526 16
by waqasj Lastest Post
19 Jan 2011
Stolen Camera
Yesterday, Saturday, Jan. 15th, my daughter was playing at the park (the one near the graveyard at the back of the base).  As she was on the sees...
16 Jan 2011
1251 3
by M Lastest Post
17 Jan 2011
found watch
My daughter found a watch on the ground earlier today around the housing by the cdc.  Please let me know if you, or your child has lost it!...
16 Jan 2011
972 0
Found: Disposable Camera at Command Party
Found at Dec 3rd Command party. If you left/lost a disposable camera at this function it was left on a table upstairs. The staff gave it to me sinc...
07 Dec 2010
874 0
Randy Crawford & Joe Sample Concert Napoli, Italia; 08 Dec 2010 @0800; E35 CANCELLED
Tickets are being sold online: Event will be held: Teatro Mediterraneo di Napoli ...
01 Dec 2010
978 0
This guy who has been reselling stuff off base
Hi people, this guy Maxwell/Max (who is probably going to change his name/nickname after reading this) has been contacting people to b...
08 Nov 2010
1789 1
by Kathy Lastest Post
11 Nov 2010
String of Thefts in SS housing
In the last week or so it seems like we are constantly hearing about thefts of items from base housing. We in live in a ground floor apartment and so ...
Mary Jane
26 Aug 2010
2483 27
by David Lastest Post
01 Nov 2010
Thank you SS Housing Folks for a Wonderful T & T Night!
I just wanted to give a big thanks to all the people who handed out candy to the kids tonight. We live off-base and REALLY appreciate the fun T & ...
31 Oct 2010
1043 1
by M. Lastest Post
31 Oct 2010
Vehicle Sales!
Why do people try to rip everyone off (while I do understand supply & demand, we should be mindful of "value" as well) so much in the American ...
13 Oct 2010
1949 7
by M. Lastest Post
29 Oct 2010
Can somebody please tell me why the NFOA offers "free" spaying and neutering for strays but then they make you pay a 60 dollar pet adoption fee? ...
26 Nov 2009
1772 9
by Angela Lastest Post
20 Oct 2010
International Bazzar @ JFC
Does anyone know if the International Bazzar is going on tomorrow out at JFC tomorrow, Sat. Oct. 16th??...
15 Oct 2010
1127 1
by Concerned Lastest Post
15 Oct 2010
NOSC Lunch Bunch is Back! Oct 27 12-2pm!/event.php?eid=156092587764481Lunch Bunch is back!Please join Naples Overseas Spous...
15 Oct 2010
1152 0
Photocopying military, CAC IDs a violation of federal law
I know many people don't know about this, just for you info. This apply to all Services Members and family that...
13 Oct 2010
1533 0
American Friends Diner's Club
You've probably seen the ad under Community & Events. I want to share my experience so that others know what they may be getting into.<...
30 Sep 2010
1126 2
by Christina Lastest Post
02 Oct 2010
Race for the Cure - volunteer organizing meetings
Services For All
I was just wondering if I am the only one that has a problem with the fact that not all hair types are welcomed and can be serviced at the NEX salon?&...
28 Aug 2010
1364 3
by TNT Lastest Post
03 Sep 2010
Bambusa on Fire?
Did I see right today that Bambusa had a fire? If so does anyone know how bad and and will this mean a delay in opening?...
11 Aug 2010
3355 23
by JoAnne Lastest Post
20 Aug 2010
somebody needs to do something about this trash...
  Why is that nobody do anything about this trash, don’t anybody know...
23 Jul 2010
2476 19
by Jay Lastest Post
18 Aug 2010
Jobs available for spouses
There are multiple positions available at the Teen Center and School Age Care. It offers full-time and part-time positions. Full time gets post allowa...
18 Aug 2010
1007 0
Recycling Issue
 When reading the forum postings regarding the on-base garbage problem, one solution given to help with the trash ove...
16 Aug 2010
865 0
'Things I wish I knew' by the Spouses of Naples
I got this from a friend! Thank you click here to view! ...
NAH Administrator
17 Feb 2010
1732 3
by Geraldine Lastest Post
15 Aug 2010
FREE movie event: Friday August 20
Naples Overseas Spouses Club (NOSC) invites all members of the base community to join us on Friday, August 20 for a free screening of the blockbuster ...
14 Aug 2010
1266 0
Non-military group of Engl-spking women in Naples
Sat.morning 13 June, Episcopal Christ Church hall, downtown Naples, the American Women's Club of Naples would love to meet you for coffee, chat, and...
11 Jun 2009
1246 4
by KB Lastest Post
09 Aug 2010
Does anyone know when Bambusa is supposed to open?
Just wondering if anyone knows for sure, we have heard several different dates. Thank you!...
08 Aug 2010
1251 2
by Christina Lastest Post
08 Aug 2010
Italians going thru our trash..
A couple of times this past week I have witnessed both the maintenance and some random Italian going thru our trash on base. It kind of makes me laugh...
11 Jul 2010
1815 15
by cole Lastest Post
04 Aug 2010
Seriously Another Freakin Strike
So the wife and I tried to go over to the commissary to get something for dinner and there is a "nice" sign on the door....Commissary closed due to st...
14 Jul 2010
1134 5
by DandH Lastest Post
15 Jul 2010
Is there Live Music at Georgio's Cafe this Sat?
I know that Georgio's Cafe (formerly Moraders) in Pozzuoli usually has live music on Saturday Nights during the Spring/Summer, but with the German fes...
04 Jun 2010
1074 1
by Ellen Lastest Post
16 Jun 2010
English Yellow Pages Italy
I found this link through Google. Not a comprehensive site, but may help you if you're looking for something and only get your answers in Italian. ...
05 Jun 2010
918 0
Tired of people not stopping at crosswalks
I am really, really tired of people not stopping at crosswalks. And it is not the Italians! Am I the only one this is happening to? And of course, ...
21 May 2010
1703 16
by JoAnne Lastest Post
01 Jun 2010
Girl Scout Cookies
I still have some Tag a Longs and Dulce de Leche Girl Scout Cookies if anyone is interested give me a call 629-5354...
26 Mar 2010
817 0
Expired coupons
Is anyone able or willing to receive a box full of slightly expired coupons every few months from a church in the states? I have been getting them and...
02 Feb 2010
1037 8
by Katrina Lastest Post
17 Feb 2010
Dentists out in town
Has anybody ever used a dentist out in town? Which one do you recomand? How did you pay? The dental clinic gave me a dental provider list but I don...
10 Feb 2010
874 0
Cart Fee
Please tell me, am I the only one that thinks that it is ridiculous that the NEX and Commissary are charging 1 euro to use their carts? I understand ...
02 Sep 2009
1504 16
by Marilyn Lastest Post
23 Jan 2010
Looking for Playdates/stayhomemom groups
Hi Im a stay at home mom of a 2yr girl here at the support site. We are fairly new here, arrived in late october. Looking for others to get together a...
17 Dec 2009
1083 6
by Tim and Kristina Lastest Post
23 Jan 2010
The most common company sold at the nex safety first, cosco and eddie bower just did a massive recall over half million car seats and travel systems P...
21 Dec 2009
793 0
Carseat recall
a major brand sold at the nex has been recalled here is the link with all the info needed to replace the bad handel part
21 Dec 2009
777 0
Quality of Life
How is it that the NEX supposedly is helping us out providing us billing for our ENEL ... 4 "pro-rated" bills upon arrival, then 3 months of credit...
14 Nov 2009
1046 1
by Larry Lastest Post
14 Nov 2009
a safe fun halloween, thanks NSA
Our kids had a great time and our quad had a great time last night. 7 bags of candy gone in 30 minutes. Amazing. Thanks NSA for being a safe place ...
01 Nov 2009
766 0
VERY short-dated internet coupon for Snow White
The NEX has these DVDs/Blu-Rays for $30.99 and I don't know their policy on using internet coupons, but I got this from a reputable refunding site and...
09 Oct 2009
788 0
I had an entertainment center up for sale and was told by someone that they wanted it. I told her that I would deliver it for free but she would need ...
29 Sep 2009
936 0
Are you from Spain?
I love Italy! However, I will like to share some of my experiences with some folks from Spain. I am from Spain and my husband is Navy Retiree. Now,...
28 Sep 2009
836 0
Halloween on S.S.???
Can anyone tell me if there's anything going on for kids on S.S. on Halloween? My son is 4 and it's our first Halloween here in Italy, but we don't w...
16 Sep 2009
865 2
by M. Lastest Post
16 Sep 2009
19Sep09 San Gennaro festival (fireworks!!)
Celebrated 19 September. If you will brave it, go downtown to enjoy the very Naples celebration. He is the patron Saint of Naples so you can bet ...
10 Sep 2009
798 0
Someone please remind the Italian locals around Support Site that 07:00am in the morning just isn't really the time to fire off fireworks. Not to men...
31 Aug 2009
1201 11
by Jaime Lastest Post
04 Sep 2009
I was just curious if people that are not dependants of military or military members or working for the government and or JFC members of some sort are...
20 Aug 2009
970 0
Military Wives and More
Have ideas on how to make this group better? Message me. NOTE: Please no promoting other groups. Its rude when someone puts work into one and peo...
Tim and Kristina
22 Jun 2009
991 0
Italian/European Women married to the US Military
Are you an Italian/European wife? Would you like to share your experiences being part of the US military family? Then join my group! I'm Italian...
05 May 2009
1115 2
by MariJai Lastest Post
07 May 2009
American Women's Club of Naples Event-meeting
Hello, I am the secretary for the American Women's Club of Naples, and I would like to share some upcoming events taking place in the area. ...
05 May 2009
851 0
Post & Win April 29 and 30
Post & Win - Saturday, 18th of April!
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