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Gino's in Lago Patria
My husband and I are looking to buy a vehicle from Gino's in Lago Patria. Has anyone had any kind of experiences with this car dealer? Good or bad? An...
20 Jul 2011
10131 69
by Nekoda Lastest Post
05 Feb 2018
I'm sick of the autoport on base. They are constantly taking advantage of personnel on base and only make problems worse. The entire shop is corrup...
20 May 2011
10584 35
by James Lastest Post
22 Aug 2016
Craft store
Does anyone know of a craft store or something similar. Thanks- corey...
25 Jun 2012
1189 2
by Kelly Lastest Post
18 Mar 2014
Whole Foods Market
Does anyone know where there is a whole foods market nearby?  Specificly ones that sell GF,DF,SF,NF products?  Thank You!...
03 Jan 2012
1535 3
by Tasha Lastest Post
24 Jan 2014
Car detailing in the Naples area.
Has anyone found a place that does detailing? I am trying to get my car waxed....
10 Oct 2010
2104 5
by Thomas Lastest Post
15 Nov 2013
Vehicle Alignment
Does anyone know a place that does alignment? I asked the Autoport, and they do not do alignments in house. They drive your car an hour away to g...
05 Aug 2012
1265 5
by Joe Lastest Post
18 Oct 2013
NEX Autoport
So I am pretty new here to Naples and have heard bad things about the autoport, but seeing as I just bought a little naples car I figured I'd get it c...
29 Mar 2013
1157 2
by Joe Lastest Post
18 Oct 2013
Does anyone know of any reputable garages around Licola that do exhausts I am looking for one for my Fiat Punto Thanks Carol...
31 Dec 2011
939 1
by Joe Lastest Post
18 Oct 2013
Motor Cycle Repair Shops?
Does anyone know Names/Address of mechanics in the Aversa area?  If anyone has any information about this topic, please add to this post.  P...
19 Oct 2012
1302 5
by R Lastest Post
18 Oct 2013
Tailor shop is looking for a seamstress/tailor
We are looking for a seamstress/ tailor for the tailor shop on support site for 3 days a week on mon-wed-fri from 10 to 6. An experience is required, ...
17 Jan 2013
1084 2
by Mark Lastest Post
24 Jun 2013
Flower shop
OMG the flowers I got from the nex flower shop were awesome. Thanks to the brit lady who helped me make my wives valentines special. ... Hopefully I w...
14 Feb 2011
1320 8
by Sumana Lastest Post
14 Jun 2013
prepaid cell?
is there a place someplace on base that you can purcahse a prepaid phone, preferably a smartphone with a prepaid plan?  tia....
14 Nov 2012
911 4
by Gia Lastest Post
16 Nov 2012
Apple 3GS screen repair
Okay Naples peeps, my daughter dropped her 3GS and shattered her screen.  In the US they have stores who can replaced cracked screens, do any of ...
04 Oct 2012
719 0
Shop, PAID...but NEVER Received!
On the 18 April 2011, I order a Mosaic with my Family Names on, at the NEX Gricignano,from Mrs Rosalia D'Ambrosio.I ask them if they send orders to US...
21 May 2012
1508 4
by NicoleX Lastest Post
25 Jul 2012
Best Car Mechanic We Have ever had!
This is a plug for the best car mechanic we have ever had. For a little history, my husband has a Chrysler Sebring, not exactly the highest mechanical...
22 Apr 2012
1110 0
Tired of getting screwed for parts and filters?
I found a shop in the states that has American and Europe car parts and filters. They are happy to do business with APO/FPO. I was tired of getti...
01 Apr 2012
1923 2
by James Lastest Post
02 Apr 2012
Formal dress
Me and my wife are looking for a formal dress shop to be more specific we are looking for a shop that carries dresses appropriate for the military bal...
28 Mar 2012
874 0
FALSE ADVERTISING AT NEX: 'Hand painted Ostrich Eggs'
Yes, they're ostrich eggs.  No, they're not hand-painted. They're decoupage. That means someone cut out little pictures and glued them onto the e...
19 Mar 2012
1426 1
by Pat Lastest Post
22 Mar 2012
Does anyone know where to by Dimijohns???
Does anyone know where to by Dimijohns use or new???...
15 Oct 2011
1251 3
by vincenzo Lastest Post
26 Feb 2012
Store like COSTCO or SAMS
I have heard there is a store similar to COSTCO or SAMS in the area, can anyone help me.  I have done a couple of internet searches but...
14 Oct 2011
1665 7
by Papi Lastest Post
28 Oct 2011
Does anyone have GPS coordinates to The Disney Store
Thanks. ...
20 Oct 2011
1553 4
by Kevin Lastest Post
22 Oct 2011
Beware of Recalled Baby Furniture On/Off base
Just as a community notice please be aware of re-sell/used cribs. People may try to re-sell knowingly or unknowingly these recalled cribs.  
06 Oct 2011
1245 1
by Rachel Lastest Post
06 Oct 2011
Thrift Store
I was looking at the base website but I can't find anything on there regarding the thrift store. Does anyone know what time and days they are open?...
17 Jun 2011
1972 9
by Fey Lastest Post
04 Oct 2011
Colored Demijohn bottles all sizes
We found a place a couple of klicks from support site that sells the demijohn bottles. This guy has TONS of them in all sizes and different colors....
07 Aug 2011
1435 0
High-quality furniture
Has anyone found a source for well made classic Italian furniture?  I do not want anything from Ikea and I am not finding anything that g...
24 Jul 2011
1485 6
by Thomas Lastest Post
31 Jul 2011
Tattoos and Piercings in Naples? Where can I get?
I saw that there was a tattoo expo today but I couldn't find any information on if they actually did tattoos there. There were listings of tattoo supp...
Mrs. James
02 Jul 2011
1729 5
by Mrs. James Lastest Post
18 Jul 2011
? flea markets/thrift stores/antique stores ?
Can anyone tell me the locations of any flea markets, thrift stores, antique stores or any place that sells secondhand things in the area? Thank You...
Mrs. James
28 Dec 2010
1917 4
by Lisa Lastest Post
03 Jul 2011
Toy Stores, where are they?
There is something here that is like a ToysRUs but it's in Rome which is 3hrs away. It's called Toy Center. Since I don't want to travel, what are som...
Mrs. James
14 Jan 2011
1743 9
by Mrs. James Lastest Post
23 Jun 2011
Fruit stand in griciano
FYI, i just bought some fruit from the stand right b4 the roundabout and the guy there ripped me off on the price, being new i did not formulate the m...
23 Apr 2011
2313 13
by Scott Lastest Post
12 Jun 2011
Support the Marines - Shop Tuesday the 24th!
The Marines will be volunteering at the NOSC Forgotten Treasures Thrift Store this Tuesday, May 24 from 4:30-7:00pm.  All proc...
21 May 2011
887 0
Craft & Sewing Shops
Does anybody have information about craft supply shops and/or sewing supply shops?I am looking for an Italian equivalent of Michael's, Joann's...
28 Apr 2011
1334 4
by Kate Lastest Post
02 May 2011
Flowers @ the NEX Flower shop
I have recently gone in to the flower shop at the NEX and I was greeted by a lovely lady named Maddie.  I have to say, she was ...
12 Apr 2011
1342 2
by Kevin Lastest Post
20 Apr 2011
I would like to know where I could find a good nice Easter Basket at. Please let me know....
Tim and Kristina
07 Mar 2011
1327 5
by Tim and Kristina Lastest Post
18 Apr 2011
Naples Outdoor Markets
I don't know if any of you have had this problem... I picked up a flyer at MWR at the Support Site on Naples Outdoor Markets.  There i...
14 Aug 2010
2866 4
by Mary Lastest Post
31 Dec 2010
Japanese Straightening or Brazilian Blowouts
Does anyone know of a salon or stylist that offers these? I live on SS and have long need of some straightening help lol.
06 Dec 2010
1345 4
by Mary Lastest Post
10 Dec 2010
GPS coordinates to Shoe Alley
Does anyone have them?   Thanks!...
30 Oct 2010
2393 2
by Myra Lastest Post
02 Dec 2010
Car repairs needed asap!
I recently bought a Fiat here and the battery keeps going dead.  We know it must be a relay somewhere, but know nothing about Italian cars. ...
19 Oct 2010
1071 2
by mary Lastest Post
22 Oct 2010
Hair Braiding.
Does anyone have the number for Ms. Betty?  She is the African Lady in Lago Patria that braids hair.    Thanks,...
29 Sep 2010
1280 1
by Yolanda Lastest Post
06 Oct 2010
If anyone would be so kind as to give directions to places such as the Campania Mall, Volcano Buono and any other easy shopping places not too far ...
21 Sep 2010
1404 1
by Jeannie Lastest Post
22 Sep 2010
Mimosa Thrift Store - JFC
Does anyone know what the hours are for Mimosa at JFC as well as the best way to make donations?  ...
20 Sep 2010
1247 0
Was it just the time of day(late) & month(payday weekend) or what ... We were at the commissary for the first time in nearly 2 months ...
19 Sep 2010
1164 1
by Christina Lastest Post
20 Sep 2010
Wood Workers
I have a round piece of marble that I'd like to inlay it on a wood coffee table. Does anyone know of a custom wood worker?? I vendor at the...
09 Sep 2010
873 0
Best Cameo Factory to visit
Anyone know a good cameo factory to visit with decent prices? Thanks :)...
04 Aug 2010
1322 2
by Michael Lastest Post
09 Sep 2010
Large Green Vases
Does anyone have GPS coordinates or directions to a place near the support site that sells the large green glass vases everyone seems to have on their...
21 Aug 2010
2447 15
by Greta Lastest Post
08 Sep 2010
Halloween Gear Is Here at the Thrift Store!
The Forgotten Treasures Thrift Store is open 9am-1pm and 4:30pm-7pm on Tuesday, September 7 stocked with Halloween gear, costumes and accessories...
07 Sep 2010
1010 0
GPS Coordinates to Monteriescullo Market?
Does anyone have GPS coordinates to the Monteriescullo Market? Thanks....
03 Sep 2010
874 0
Cabbage Patch Dolls
I am finding it very difficult to find an African American Cabbage Patch little girl.  I have search the internet, such as Walmart, Target, E-bay...
29 Aug 2010
1050 3
by Elissa Lastest Post
31 Aug 2010
Baskin & Robbins is CLOSED!
I heard from a very reliable source that Baskin & Robbins is now closed due to theft from their staff... Looks like A&W will now be our only s...
26 Aug 2010
1250 3
by jason Lastest Post
26 Aug 2010
Thrift Store
Could someone please tell me the days/hours of operation for the thrift store on base?  Thanks so much!  ...
20 Aug 2010
1155 2
by Mandy Lastest Post
20 Aug 2010
Looking for a Tattoo Artist
Does anyone know of a good tattoo artist in the area of Lago Patria, Vacaturo,  or that area? Thank you!...
04 Aug 2010
1768 3
by robert Lastest Post
18 Aug 2010
Car battery
Does anyone know where I could get a car battery for a 97 Fiat Bravo? I went to autoport and they didnt have it and of course didnt know when they wou...
13 Aug 2010
965 1
by Elissa Lastest Post
14 Aug 2010
auto port
did you know that they offer free towing on base to anywhere else on base. ...
14 Jul 2010
1136 2
by robert Lastest Post
08 Aug 2010
Any Antique Lovers, Flea Marketers?
I love antiques and vintage items and used to sell them in the U.S. Does anyone have recommendations for places to treasure hunt for them that has rea...
04 Aug 2010
827 0
Crafts Store
Does  any one know about a crafts store (something like Michael's) somewhere close to here? ...
03 Jul 2010
1054 4
by Lisa Lastest Post
04 Aug 2010
Pancakes for Breakfast!
There will be pancakes for breakfast being sold between 0800am to 1100am outside the Support Site NEX this Saturday 7 August.  ...
02 Aug 2010
823 0
Soy milk at the cafe's
Just giving a heads up that soy milk is now available at the cafe's, at least on the Support Site. I put in a request, and less than a week later I re...
15 Jul 2010
825 0
Have someones bag from tent sale
Tonight I was at the NEX sale tent and bought a few things.  When I got home I realized the sales guy handed me two bags and one was filled wi...
10 Jul 2010
837 0
Looking for someone who braid hair?
Do anyone have any name and  phone numbers for people off base that braid ?    ...
07 Jul 2010
1184 1
by Myia Lastest Post
07 Jul 2010
Anyone do African American hair?
Hello. I'm looking to get my hair relaxed on support site. The natural look just isn't for me. I haven't been to the salon on base due to the fear of ...
Mrs. James
30 May 2010
1382 7
by Myia Lastest Post
30 Jun 2010
Nitro R/C car fuel
Does anyone know where I can find Nitro R/C car fuel ?...
30 Apr 2010
918 5
by * Unknown * Lastest Post
25 Jun 2010
Pampered Chef
Does anyone know a Pampered Chef consultant?...
14 Jun 2010
1020 5
by Tim and Kristina Lastest Post
16 Jun 2010
CIS Nola
Anyone with experience shopping at CIS Nola? I have been to Isle 4 and know of only 3 stores to shop in. I am interested in learning what other Isle...
14 Jun 2010
1128 0
Ikia discount
15% off, at registry, pay and get ur discount!.. cach: show your military ID or Nato ID card.. have fun...
30 May 2010
1038 2
by Papi Lastest Post
31 May 2010
"homemade" wine
So called "homemade" wine that is produced w/o enological tests during and at the end of production could contain or be adulterated with extremely tox...
28 May 2010
1218 1
by Jaime Lastest Post
29 May 2010
Fish and Chips???
Does anyone know of a good Fish and Chips place here in Naples? I would figure with as many Brits as we have here with Naples, there has to be at lea...
28 Oct 2009
993 5
by Erika Lastest Post
24 May 2010
Looking 4 Hair Dye
I'm looking for hair dye of unusual colors. There isn't a Hot Topic here where I can just pick some up. Also, HT does not ship that kind of stuff over...
Mrs. James
23 May 2010
845 1
by Katrina Lastest Post
24 May 2010
Fish Stores
Anyone know of pet stores which sell aquarium (freshwater) fish? I have been able to find one (Furries) which is being remodeled and will not be open ...
15 May 2010
1013 7
by jelena Lastest Post
18 May 2010
Freshwater fish
Hello all i am new to the area and I am looking for a pet store which sells freshwater aquarium fish. If anyone has knowledge of such a store please c...
12 May 2010
849 3
by vrony Lastest Post
12 May 2010
Outragious Used Car PRICES!
Does anyone else have a problem with the prices that people are charging for their 10+ year old cars? I was checking out some cars with US Specs an...
10 Feb 2010
1548 14
by JoAnne Lastest Post
19 Apr 2010
My wife is trying to find some one who does hair coloring/styling or nails. She has used the beauty shop on base and was not impressed with the work. ...
03 Feb 2010
1059 5
by Kimberly Lastest Post
24 Feb 2010
Bring on the Amalfi Reds...
I was introduced to a sampling of the reds of Amalfi when I attended Tintore Day last November. So as I opened the door to Città del Gusto Thursday ev...
12 Feb 2010
1050 0
The Whites of Amalfi
Thursday, February 4th, I accepted an invitation to attend Wine Lab at Città del Gusto. The theme of the evening was’ Tra Terra e Mare’, between the l...
12 Feb 2010
1014 0
After Christmas Sale at Italian Malls
Does anyone know if they have some type of after Christmas/Natale sale at the malls out in town? Similiar to what we have back in the states. Thanks!...
20 Dec 2009
806 0
Shoe Alley (Corso Malta)
I do not have the GPS coordinates but I can give directions to it. HOURS: Sun, Mon, and Fri 0700-1400 Take the Corso malta exit from the Tangenziale...
18 Oct 2009
2088 0