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calling all bass fishermen!!!
how many people came here from the states wanting to do a little fishing? i know i did. finding out the laws and rules just to go has been a headache....
14 Sep 2012
5960 48
by Alexander Lastest Post
23 Mar 2017
Rock climbers welcome!
Welcome climbers of all experience levels, beginner - advanced.  Carpool to lo...
14 Jul 2011
1366 2
by Landon Lastest Post
12 May 2015
Anyone play Magic the Gathering?
I used to play back home and have my cards with me. If any adults would like to play, feel free to contact me....
28 Mar 2010
1604 3
by cyrille Lastest Post
13 Apr 2015
Magic the Gathering.
Just curious if anyone plays either Magic the Gathering or maybe Pathfinder RPGs? Let me know....
10 May 2012
2236 15
by cyrille Lastest Post
13 Apr 2015
Ice Hockey.
Hello, I am transfering in Jan to Naples, trying to see if anyone knows of adult hockey in the area. Any information would be much appreciat...
12 Nov 2011
2367 8
by Cameron Lastest Post
04 Feb 2015
Anybody into Airsoft
I have played paintball for awhile but want to get into scenario Airsoft. Anybody else interested?...
06 Dec 2011
1958 8
by Erin Lastest Post
03 Feb 2015
Eagle Gym or any other good BJJ or Muay Thai gyms
Just trying to find the coordinates to anybody who has gone to or been to eagle gym. I've always gone as a guest and never really payed attention and ...
29 Jul 2010
1400 4
by Jason Lastest Post
15 Jan 2015
Fantasy Football !!!!
"Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!!!?!!"    The season is a go, let's get a fant...
01 Aug 2011
1096 2
by brian Lastest Post
09 Jun 2014
Anyone know of any good fishing spots in this area?...
17 Sep 2011
1377 4
by mario Lastest Post
01 May 2014
Car clubs?
Is there any type of car clubs or get togethers anyone know of? Big car person and curious to the car culture around here. Interested in starting one ...
26 Jan 2011
1601 2
by cardea Lastest Post
19 Apr 2013
PWC/Jetski shipment
I was stationed in naples in early 2000's, and  heading back for another couple years.  Curious if anybody has had any luck shipping a jetsk...
05 Apr 2013
726 0
Personal trainer
Does anyone know of a good personal trainer near Licola? Any recommendation would be appreciated. ...
12 Mar 2013
965 3
by Maria Lastest Post
19 Mar 2013
Band-drummer for hire
Hi. Im am new to Naples. I am pretty much looking for a band the needs or wants a drummer or just to jam with. I am pretty good. Still waiting on my s...
16 May 2012
986 2
by Josh Lastest Post
30 Jan 2013
Snow trip
Hey! I'd like to know if there is any snow trip organized by the carney park. My daughter loves to go snowboarding and she does not have a car and it ...
03 Jan 2013
791 1
by Morgan Lastest Post
05 Jan 2013
Go karts in Aversa
Hello I was just looking for some information on the Go kart place outside base if anyone has gone. Can't seem to track down a telephone number or any...
16 Oct 2012
1018 1
by David Lastest Post
18 Oct 2012
Hobby hut -carney park
Come and visit our hobby hut in Carney park, we are organizing caramic, latin dance, italian languare and photography classes....
25 May 2012
817 0
Expierenced Baseball Players Needed Age 7&8
Support Site residents, I'm looking for three children from the age of 7 or 8 with baseball expierence for the upcoming season.  This will be ...
08 Dec 2011
969 0
Starting Off Road club
Trying to start a club for anyone out there that has a off road vehicle or just likes to ride along. If you would like to know when events are happeni...
27 Aug 2011
1187 4
by Chad Lastest Post
06 Dec 2011
Hiking or Trekking
I go hiking alot around this area, but are there any hiking/trekking groups around? If people would like to come with me, my friends and I go to Carne...
20 Nov 2011
1015 1
by justin Lastest Post
29 Nov 2011
Diving Club
I am new to Naples, PCS'd here about 3 1/2 weeks ago. I am an advanced open water diver, did a lot of diving in Guantanamo Bay (5+ dives a week on ave...
15 Nov 2011
1224 3
by MARIO Lastest Post
28 Nov 2011
Adult Baseball
Anyone interested in playing adult hardball this fall?  I'm interested in starting up a group that wants to play hardball.  Probably one or ...
21 Sep 2010
1115 3
by Andrew Lastest Post
11 Sep 2011
SCUBA Diving in Naples
Don't think there isn't anyone out there diving!  Come join us anytime at!See you in and around the water,
03 Aug 2010
1559 4
by Jeannie Lastest Post
28 Aug 2011
Roccaraso chairlifts are now open to bikes!
Ready to ride!   Price & hrs of operation http://...
08 Aug 2011
1182 1
by Charles Lastest Post
26 Aug 2011
Soccer (Futbol)?
I am looking to get back into playing soccer. Can be a pick up game, league or just knocking the ball around. I know there is a British leag...
20 Aug 2011
942 1
by Xtreme Repairs Lastest Post
20 Aug 2011
Jogging Buddy
Anyone interested in getting together for an occasional run? I would like to run the Florence Marathon in November and thought it would be nice to ha...
25 Apr 2010
1296 3
by Michelle Lastest Post
19 Aug 2011
I was wondering if a Cadillac DTS (the big one) is the sort of car that will draw too much attention and get stolen.  I have not been able to fin...
24 Jul 2011
1171 2
by Thomas Lastest Post
25 Jul 2011
Referees Needed
Tennis Anyone??
Anyone know of any tennis leagues are of anyone interested in playing nights / weekends at Capo / SS?  I'm a decent tennis player, am looking ...
23 Oct 2010
935 0
Water Polo
Does anyone know any information about Water Polo Leagues in Naples?  We are moving there in January and our son plays varsity high school water ...
24 Sep 2010
1350 3
by Heather Lastest Post
16 Oct 2010
If anyone likes the British TV Series, DR WHO, the BCC airs it on Saturday through their Military TV. They have a nice little Cafe there with a play ...
26 May 2010
1285 2
by Chris & Fran Lastest Post
09 Sep 2010
Homeschool Activities for Kindergarten...
Hello,   We live in Gaeta and would love to make some homeschool buddies for my son.  He is 5 and loves new friends. ...
04 Sep 2010
1054 2
by jessica Lastest Post
08 Sep 2010
Aqua Dream Water Park?
Has anybody been to the Aqua Dream Water Park down the street from the Support Site yet?  How much does it cost?  Is it worth the money?&nbs...
28 Jul 2010
1390 5
by Cheryl Lastest Post
29 Jul 2010
Avon - anyone selling at Support site or on Capo?
Thank you for Avon reply  I am all set now...
23 Jul 2010
1032 1
by Elissa Lastest Post
23 Jul 2010
I'm new here in Naples so I'm looking for information on running trails, maybe even a trail running buddy. If interested or if you know any informatio...
11 Jul 2010
1096 0
10K Run
Does anyone know how I can find 5K or 10K run off the support site?...
14 Feb 2010
1025 0