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We are considering visiting Egypt and we would like to get some advice.  Any travel agents and/or hotels you would recommend?  Any helpfu...
20 Sep 2010
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by adam Lastest Post
15 Mar 2017
Travel Agent
Has anyone found a local travel agent that works with americans??  ITT does not do it for me  Thanks...
07 Aug 2011
1317 7
by sinpamal Lastest Post
19 Dec 2014
Does anyone have information about the October Fest at the Old Nato base?  I saw they had an information stand set up near the commisary, but I d...
25 Sep 2012
1319 1
by DAVID Lastest Post
26 Aug 2014
Just wondering if anybody has used the danbus that they advertise at the exchange.  I and due to fly out Friday with my family and I have been tr...
02 Mar 2011
1572 3
by Raffaele Lastest Post
31 Oct 2013
Sigonella, Sicily
I was wondering if anyone has driven to Sigonella, Sicily??  We have the GPS cooridnates but are not sure if there are tolls or how much the ferr...
30 Jul 2010
1871 9
by Cristina Lastest Post
11 Apr 2013
People out there can I get your opinion ?
I 've lived in Virginia Beach for fourteen yrs, I ve managed several restaurants, and I would like to open up a place here in the area of Aversa, a pl...
30 Jun 2012
1868 6
by jennifer Lastest Post
28 Jul 2012
any recommendations for hotels in Florence??  Not too cheap and not too expensive.  ...
21 Aug 2010
1909 8
by NicoleX Lastest Post
25 Jul 2012
Nato Beach
I was told that there is a nato beach somewhere around here. Does anyboy know anything about it or the location?...
14 Apr 2012
3583 3
by Brian Lastest Post
29 Apr 2012
From rome to naples
anybody know the what train takes you from rome to naples and about how much it cost...
06 Jan 2012
1563 2
by Tim Lastest Post
03 Apr 2012
Cherry Blossoms in Italy?
Anyone know if there are any kind of festivals like those of the states?Also, I want to take some pictures. Where are some places, such as parks where...
Mrs. James
18 Mar 2012
850 0
We just discovered a great SPA outside of Roccaraso, with natural thermal waters and hot mud treatments.  It seems a like a perfect way to enda d...
29 Feb 2012
920 0
Seeking CLEAN tattoo and piercing places in Rome
Added bonus if they do walk-ins. I was talking to my dentist of all people (he figured I liked piercings judging by my lip piercing) and he recommende...
Mrs. James
22 Jan 2012
891 0
Hotel in Rome
Can anyone recommend a reasonable hotel in Rome that has parking.Thanks,Bea...
29 May 2011
1509 2
by Seth Lastest Post
30 Dec 2011
Public Transportation
I currently reside at the Hotel Agora just down the street from the Receiver Site, the hotel is great, staff are friendly and accommoda...
11 Nov 2011
1016 0
Car Roof Box
Do anyone know where to buy Roof boxes for the car. I see people with them, but not seen in the shops.Looking for at least 400L sized one for ...
19 Oct 2011
991 1
by EJ Lastest Post
20 Oct 2011
Nice Restaurant for Anniversary Dinner?
My husband's and my anniversary is coming up this weekend, and a trusted friend has offered to watch our son over dinner time :) This will be the firs...
10 Oct 2011
1132 2
by Mandy Lastest Post
13 Oct 2011
Hotels In Paris
Looking for hotels in Paris that can accommodate up to 4-6 people. Looking to go around Christmas time. If anyone has any suggestions on how it is and...
19 Oct 2010
1430 7
by Scott Lastest Post
10 Oct 2011
Skydiving in Rome
I am just wondering if anyone out there has ever gone skydiving in Rome. I have heard about it and am interested for my husband and I. Any feed back w...
08 Oct 2011
814 0
GPS coordinates
I was wondering if anyone has the GPS coordinates for Ramstein AFB? They arent listed on the PDF here on NAH. Thanks
by James Lastest Post
08 Aug 2011
Prague info please!
Does anyone have any info on going to Prague?  I would like to go in July, traveling with 1 older and 3 younger children.  Ideas on do's and...
01 Apr 2011
1310 2
by JASON Lastest Post
16 Jul 2011
Rotator To The USA?
I'm trying to find out how to use the rotator to go back to the US next month, but have no idea how!! Can someone please give me step by step instruct...
16 Dec 2010
1446 3
by Mary Jane Lastest Post
25 Apr 2011
Good Source For Places and Coordinates: Wikinapoli Your Guide to The Good Life in Naples Check this out, this mig...
02 Dec 2010
1747 3
by Allan Lastest Post
18 Apr 2011
Hotel recommendations in London
My family and I are planning on going to London towards the end of the summer and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a hotel with a decent p...
03 Mar 2011
1169 5
by JoAnne Lastest Post
06 Mar 2011
Hotels in Rome NATO-friendly?
Can anyone suggest any hotels that are NATO and not too harsh in the pockets....
13 Feb 2011
1627 5
by NAH Administrator Lastest Post
16 Feb 2011
Does anyone have any information about the go-carts and track on the SS7 or 162?...
06 Feb 2011
1190 4
by John Lastest Post
12 Feb 2011
Car break ins, Arco Felice/Pozzoli
I had my car broken into in Arco Felice (near the Restaurante Cinese) on Friday night, 21 Jan.  The only thing taken was a TomTom XXL GPS an...
26 Jan 2011
971 0
What map to use? Mapquest, Google, other???
When planning a trip, my husband and I will usually see how far we are from our destination on mapquest. For some reason, the results don't come out r...
Mrs. James
01 Jan 2011
1212 3
by JC Lastest Post
04 Jan 2011
Capo Alibus
Does anyone know if the Alibus at Capo or the Naples Airport runs on Sunday morning?  Looking to get to the Port of Naples or Pozzuoli for Sunday...
03 Nov 2010
1287 1
by Lisa Lastest Post
03 Nov 2010
Hotels near Support Site for visiting family/friends
We have some friends coming to visit on a last minute trip from Sicily and would like to know of any affordable hotels near support site. Unfortunatel...
05 Oct 2010
1005 2
by anna Lastest Post
07 Oct 2010
Any suggestions on hotels in London for a family with 2 children?  We will fly into Gatwick Airport.  Thanks!...
23 Aug 2010
1136 3
by Sandy Lastest Post
06 Oct 2010
Travel Advisory
Does anyone know what this whole trip advisory thing is all about???  All I know is my trip to Venice got cancelled and I am not a happy camper.....
04 Oct 2010
1379 5
by Michael Lastest Post
06 Oct 2010
Does anyone know of a good hotel centrally located in Sorrento??  Also does the train go straight there or is it better to take the bus from the ...
05 Oct 2010
1054 1
by Jeannie Lastest Post
05 Oct 2010
Ischia spas
Hello there - I would like to have some feedback on good spas who offer great deals in Ischia.  Also, what is the best way to get to t...
20 Sep 2010
1217 1
by Vinessa Lastest Post
29 Sep 2010
Hotels in Rome
I am looking for a hotel in Rome for my family with 3 children.  I just need a place with parking that we can walk from to all of the major sight...
* Unknown *
27 Jun 2010
1444 5
by M. Lastest Post
17 Sep 2010
Hotels in Venice
I am looking for a hotel in Venice either in the heart of things or a little outside but within a short distance, possibly walking distance.  Any...
06 Sep 2010
1219 1
by Donna Lastest Post
08 Sep 2010
Camp Darby
Does anyone has the GPS coordinates to get to camp darby?   Thnaks so much...
02 Sep 2010
1778 2
by Brie Lastest Post
04 Sep 2010
Long term parking near Rome Ciampino Airport
Hi.  Can someone recommend a cheaper long term parking near Rome Ciampino Airport?  The Rome Ciampino Airport charges 18 E per day for long ...
31 Aug 2010
1257 2
by Jeannie Lastest Post
01 Sep 2010
Has anyone ever been to Serapo Beach in Gaeta?
Hi. My family and I are looking into going to a beach in Gaeta. Has anyone visited any?...
13 Aug 2010
1322 5
by Jess Lastest Post
14 Aug 2010
Plants, Flowers & Trees
Does anyone know of a good place to buy flowers, plants and trees?  I'm getting ready to move-in, and the yard needs some work.  I'd love to...
11 Aug 2010
932 2
by Dawn Lastest Post
12 Aug 2010
Ramstein Germany
Now it has come upon us that we might even have a flight out of sigonella afterall, so does anyone know how to call up to Ramstein Germany on a Vonage...
03 Aug 2010
951 1
by M. Lastest Post
04 Aug 2010
Advice needed for trip to Edelweiss
My family and I are planning a trip to Edelweiss. We are thinking of driving, and I was hoping someone who has taken this trip could provide some inf...
17 Nov 2009
2150 22
by ABE Lastest Post
30 Jul 2010
October Fest
Thinking about taking a trip to Germany for the October Fest this year.  Not sure if it would be better to take the ITT / USO trip or simply b...
28 Jul 2010
877 1
by Juli Lastest Post
28 Jul 2010
Traveling to Sigonella
I am in dire need of either GPS coordinates to get up to Sigonella or the driving directions.  Please if you know or someone whom knows of the co...
19 Jul 2010
2051 1
by NAH Administrator Lastest Post
19 Jul 2010
Places to go
I have discovered this forum is pretty handy so I figured I would give it a go on this subject. I know I know, there is a restaurant section...
15 Jul 2010
1399 6
by Jeannie Lastest Post
17 Jul 2010
Southern Italian Beaches-Where to go??
I am looking for any information on the southern Italian beaches that have nice, clear water and a place to stay for maybe 2 nights. Any suggestions? ...
09 Jul 2010
2079 5
by jelena Lastest Post
11 Jul 2010
New Restaurant??
I saw a guy putting up new restaurant signs on the awnings at TLA....Bambusa. Anybody know anything about what kind of restaurant it will be and/or wh...
14 May 2010
2882 17
by Tim and Kristina Lastest Post
10 Jul 2010
Travel Section on NAH
I think we need a travel section on NAH to leave reviews of USO and ITT trips we have been on and trips we have done on our own. I personally would li...
05 Jul 2010
927 1
by Dominique Lastest Post
07 Jul 2010
Rome airport
Has anyone had experience with driving to Rome Fiumicino airport?  Just wondering if it's hard to get to.  Thanks!...
* Unknown *
24 Jun 2010
950 2
by * Unknown * Lastest Post
25 Jun 2010
Can anyone recommend a great family cruise trip (4-7 days) leaving from Italy? ...
10 Feb 2010
1066 3
by * Unknown * Lastest Post
25 Jun 2010
Foreign Currency
If anyone has plans to visit Albania or the Czech Republic in the future and would like to have a little of the local currency when you get there, we ...
31 Jan 2010
861 1
by Lori Lastest Post
09 May 2010
Hi all, I thought it might be nice to have a blog where everyone could share the places they've been while stationed here, so new and not so new peopl...
24 Mar 2010
1102 1
by Jeannie Lastest Post
23 Apr 2010
Keeley - Cruises
Keeley, it depends on how young your kids are. We are going on our 4th this June and have always gone with Princess. They have a very good kids progra...
04 Apr 2010
966 0
Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre is less than an hour away from Camp Darby if I remember correctly, you could make that your base and then drive up. When you get there, p...
15 Feb 2010
814 0
Sunshine on a Cloudy Day... Grotta del Sole
Legend has it that Bacchus, the god of wine, made wine in a cave (grotta). He needed to go away for awhile but did not want to leave this cave unguard...
07 Feb 2010
843 0
Traveling to Egypt!
Thinking about traveling to Egypt? We had a great time with EmoTours! Great company, taking care of their costumers 24/7. Prices are great. Ayman the ...
11 Jan 2010
943 1
by Christine Lastest Post
21 Jan 2010
Aquarium? Other fun things to do with kids???
Has anyone been to the Aquarium in Naples? What other fun things do you do with children in the area? I have a 3 year old that is use to being busy ...
13 Jan 2010
1289 6
by Mike Lastest Post
19 Jan 2010
Great B&B in Rome
Hello everyone ~ With the Thanksgiving weekend coming up, I just thought I'd share a great B&B I found in Rome. There are three apartments availab...
17 Nov 2009
984 3
by M. Lastest Post
03 Dec 2009
Stuttgart Craft Store Info
Hubby brought back a business card from the Stuttgart Arts and Crafts store. If you're having trouble finding something crafty here, they may be able ...
30 Nov 2009
822 1
by Larry Lastest Post
01 Dec 2009
Assisi tips???????
Anybody have tips on going to Assisi? Places to stay, hidden treasures etc. Thanks, JG...
20 Nov 2009
766 0
Rotator Experiences (Add yours)
As far as going to Crete, when we went we just had to sign up (must be on leave) and show up on the Wednesday it came through to see if we would get o...
09 Oct 2009
1004 2
by Lori Lastest Post
09 Oct 2009
My family and I had a great day in Rome yesterday
My family and I had a great day in Rome yesterday. Drove to parking, rode the bus to the Colosseum, walked to the Trevi Fountain, Spanish steps and...
08 Sep 2009
1182 4
by suella Lastest Post
09 Sep 2009
Great Adriatic Coast Agriturismo
We spent a weekend in Vieste, Italy last summer at an agriturismo called Torre Silvana. The website is The hosts are very nice, ...
05 Jun 2009
814 0
Our Sunday at Terre del Principe
Sunday morning, May 31st, Cynthia, Brenda, Duke and I headed off on an adventure. We were off to visit the winery Terre del Principe located in the...
01 Jun 2009
839 1
by Karen Lastest Post
04 Jun 2009
May is For Monuments!!!
Last weekend I got to know Naples in a way that was pleasantly entertaining and educational. I have lived here for 16 years but have never taken the ...
10 May 2009
704 0
Zoomarine! Go visit!
Beautiful Zoomarine! Your kids will love it! Highly recommended!
12 Apr 2009
1019 0
A popular zoo in Rome
This place is nice if you are looking for a zoo: Bioparco: in Rome ...
12 Apr 2009
821 0