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hello i am looking for someone who is interested in making some extra money. i am awaiting a job at the navy exchange here on support site. my daughte...
26 Jul 2010
1772 6
by sabrina gaetana Lastest Post
06 Mar 2017
Montessori or International school experience
If you have first hand experience with either the Montessori School or the International School that are located on the NATO base can you please sh...
10 Feb 2011
5847 17
by ben Lastest Post
15 Jan 2016
Children's Italian Class
My Children's school in the Licola Area is developing a children's Italian class geared towards English speaking students.  Is there any inter...
27 Sep 2010
1825 8
by monica Lastest Post
10 Dec 2015
Froebel - a wonderful option to have
As I read the variety of experiences among school parents I am convicted to write of my experience. I had exclusively homeschooled my 4 children until...
07 Nov 2010
2748 6
by Sean Lastest Post
22 May 2014
Froebel School
I just wanted to let all the parents of little tykes out there know about a really nice Italian/Bi Lingual school in Aversa called Froebel. The schoo...
21 Oct 2009
6907 45
by arturo Lastest Post
14 Aug 2012
International School fees in Lago Patria
Does anyone know the fees for the international school in Lago Patria?...
14 Jun 2012
1404 0
Looking for Italian Schools near Licola--we live right behind Magic World off the SS7
Need your help finding a school for my 3 and 5 year old boys. We really want them to learn italian while we are here. Please post if you know of an...
11 Nov 2011
1552 6
by Emily Lastest Post
12 Jun 2012
Town Hall Meeting to discuss TB at CDC
A Town Hall meeting will take place tonight at 6:30 at the Support Site Theater. Commanding Officer Ca...
05 Dec 2011
1318 0
Illegal In Home Day Care
I would just like to make everyone on base that is running a day care out of their homes aware that they are operating illegally. The only people that...
24 Feb 2011
3611 29
by WC Lastest Post
02 Dec 2011
Childcare options...
Hi Everyone, so I have been researching like mad on childcare options in Naples. But I still am not really sure how it all works here. Can someone ple...
18 Jun 2011
2046 8
by Linda Lastest Post
17 Nov 2011
American Kids in Italian Schools- please share!
Hello, I have three children in Italian school and I just wanted to share my experience with other parents since I have had so many questions fro...
24 May 2010
3515 16
by Nikki Lastest Post
11 Nov 2011
I am searching for childcare for our 3 children.
I have been offered a job at the Naples High School as a SPED Aid and we are searching for someone to watch our 3 children in our home Monday-Friday f...
13 Sep 2010
1422 4
by kerie Lastest Post
22 Oct 2011
Little Learners Association
This was sent to me by the Little Learners school: "Located 2.8 miles from the Support Site in Teverola 348-855-3322 Sma...
NAH Administrator
13 Nov 2009
2378 1
by Natasha Lastest Post
19 Sep 2011
Transportation to DODDS elementary from Vomero
Any other parents live in the city?  I'm wondering what my options are for getting my 5 year old to school in Gricignano from Vomero.  I tra...
13 Sep 2011
1143 1
by Latisa Lastest Post
15 Sep 2011
any Montessori teacher?!
hallo to everyone! Do you know in gricignano s.s. Or nearby,any girl who is or was a montessori teacher? I'm a teacher too and I'd like to be in conta...
03 Sep 2011
1017 0
off base daycares
I am looking for daycare for my 19month old who will not be 2 until Dec.  We would love for her to go off base but are having see...
09 Aug 2010
1491 2
by Enza Lastest Post
30 Aug 2011
Naples Elementary vs International School of Naples
We are a Navy family moving to Naples this August.  I have two boys who will be going into 5th & 2nd Grades.  I have been hearing som...
Seabee Wife
14 Jun 2011
2274 12
by Jennifer Lastest Post
08 Jul 2011
special needs children education
Hello everyone if someone can help me to know how I, as a teacher in elementary school specialised for special needs children can be i...
21 Aug 2010
1591 11
by Mary Jane Lastest Post
21 Jun 2011
Goodmorning Everyone! Does anyone knows if There is a HOME-SCHOOL GROUP on Support Site...??? For Grade K-1...??? Please se...
23 Feb 2011
1534 3
by NicoleX Lastest Post
17 Mar 2011
Fees at the Montessori School for american families.
I went to the Montessori school (NATO base). I visited the school and asked for fees. I have paperwork in my hands and I wanted to share ...
18 Sep 2010
1961 10
by Tonya Lastest Post
30 Dec 2010
Childcare on or off base, besides the CDC
Hi, we have been here for 7 months and we had our children in the CDC but with the increase in rates we were not able to afford to put them in the CDC...
05 Oct 2010
1589 5
by Concerned Lastest Post
27 Dec 2010
Exam Proctor
Has anyone had to pay a proctor for tests out here? Do the schools on base offer one or did you have to find one another way? If anyone could help I w...
16 Dec 2010
1177 1
by Mary Jane Lastest Post
16 Dec 2010
Immunizations translated?
Has anyone had their immunizations and record of good health translated to italian?  Please tell me how you did it.  The holiday weekend has...
13 Nov 2010
1034 0
Private American School.
Does anyone know about a private school out in town that is ran by Americans.  The are suppose to be only about 10 minutes from Support Site.&...
06 Jul 2010
2190 5
by Kenisha Lastest Post
12 Nov 2010
Hi, the enyone know if it is a homeschool group on base? thanks...
18 Aug 2010
1910 7
by Mary Lastest Post
07 Nov 2010
Froebel School
Could someone give me very good directions and the coordinates for the school. I am going tomorrow to look at it but tried to find it today with no...
07 Oct 2010
1395 2
by Mary Lastest Post
07 Nov 2010
Please help
I am new to NAH and need to know how to take an ad off of the website. Please help...
06 Nov 2010
1312 1
by NAH Administrator Lastest Post
06 Nov 2010
Italian Schools/Day Cares near Support Site?
My son will be 4 the end of August and I would like to enroll him in an italian school.  If someone knows of any good italian schools near sup...
* Unknown *
28 Jun 2010
1540 10
by ANON Lastest Post
30 Sep 2010
schools for a soon to be 4 year old
hello i am looking for the names of the local area schools off base. i have a soon to be 4 yr old who i don't want to place with the CDC. i don't feel...
25 Jul 2010
1333 1
by Kathy Lastest Post
08 Sep 2010
School Bus between CAPO - JFC
Does anyone have a child / kids that attend either the Montessori School or International School at JFC? There is an opportunity to secure ...
22 Jul 2010
1779 3
by ANON Lastest Post
06 Sep 2010
School starts?
Hello I am trying to find out when can I go sign my son up for Kinder. I emailed and called the school.. no answers??  anyone knows?? Thanks!<...
17 Aug 2010
1264 4
by joe Lastest Post
21 Aug 2010
School Supplies
My son is starting kindergartner in August. I am trying to find a school supply list. I see from the Dodea link a generic list, but I was wondering if...
31 Jul 2010
1274 1
by JoAnne Lastest Post
01 Aug 2010
University of Oklahoma ~ Master's Degree Programs
Hello there ~ In case some of you don't know about it, the University of Oklahoma offers two Master's Degree programs at Capo. They offer in-perso...
06 Dec 2009
1041 0