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moving company
Any one know of a good moving company? I actually only need a couch moved ....
17 Jul 2011
2380 8
by Nicola Lastest Post
18 Jan 2019
King size bring or not to bring?
I have yet to find someone who brought a king size bed to Italy.  I know the rooms are smaller and the base supplies us with wardrobe closets.......
27 Dec 2010
2929 10
by goran Lastest Post
18 Apr 2017
boxes needed!!!
Hello,  We are moving on Nov. 30 and need boxes.  Please let me know if you have any, we can pick them up!Thank you,Sarah...
20 Nov 2012
1297 3
by Stella Lastest Post
31 Mar 2017
Does anyone know where i can get my house carpets cleaned. I tried the cleaining machines at the nex but it did not do the job. Thanks...
26 Apr 2013
1309 2
by Jonathon Lastest Post
19 May 2016
Moving to Naples from Vicenza in June
Any guidance on preferred areas to live? Looking for 3 bedroom villa or bifamiliare, vicinity Gricignano. My husband will be working at the hospital (...
22 Apr 2010
8695 61
by Alessandro Lastest Post
02 Feb 2016
Does anybody know of any decent rentals for around 700 Euro per month. I need a yard as i have 2 dogs. Also I am non military dont want to go throu...
03 Jan 2011
1768 4
by Umberto Lastest Post
07 Apr 2015
Tommy the mover
I normally don't do postings but I had to write this one. Tommy is fantastic!I received the best proposal and price. The move - Bacoli to Cuma - went ...
12 Nov 2012
1529 5
by Umberto Lastest Post
07 Apr 2015
Moving in April, question about military housing.
I saw the pictures of the 3 bedroom apartment. That was super helpful thank you :) I am just wondering if all the apartments on the SS look the same. ...
29 Oct 2012
1787 4
by CATERINA Lastest Post
03 Feb 2014
Baby swing wanted
If anyone sells a baby swing in perfect conditions and at low cost,please contatc me.Thanks...
26 Jan 2013
865 0
steam cleaning
does the nex do steam cleaning s...
30 Nov 2012
857 0
Recommendations for housing search (on economy - we are retired military)
Hello everyone,We're considering a move to Naples in early 2013 and after scouring the forum posts here have seen a few references to housing agents t...
17 Sep 2012
2153 3
by Lawanna Lastest Post
18 Nov 2012
Best internet providers?
Can anyone give me any advice as to home phone and internet out in Pozzuoli? We tried going through the NEX residential services office but it seems t...
08 Nov 2012
1202 1
by Ken Lastest Post
09 Nov 2012
Is Pozzuoli an ideal place to live?
Im moving there in Oct and ive seen a lot of places pop up there for rent and I think this place looks beautiful from the pics.  I would like to ...
23 Aug 2012
2788 3
by Giuseppe Lastest Post
17 Oct 2012
Custom Poker Table Maker?
Anyone know of anyone in the area that makes their own custom poker tables ... or anyone handy enough to be given plans for a table and be able to cre...
04 May 2012
1073 2
by Robert Lastest Post
08 Oct 2012
We just got our HHG delivered last week and are ready to start hanging pictures; what type of fastener works best in the walls?...
04 Sep 2012
1074 1
by David Lastest Post
05 Sep 2012
Is 6 kw enough?
We are moving off base and the owners are bringing their house from 3 kw to 6 kw.  It is a 4 bedroom home for 6 of us.  Is that enough power...
17 Jul 2012
1144 1
by EJ Lastest Post
17 Jul 2012
Hi,I was just wondering if anyone could give me some info on Aversa. There is a possibility I will be moving there in August. I'm just wonderi...
27 Jun 2011
3222 14
by WC Lastest Post
20 Feb 2012
I have brought vonage here to italy and just curious as to how i am going to make it work if anybody knows because for internet i've not been sure of ...
13 May 2011
2877 10
by Allison Lastest Post
09 Feb 2012
Recycling on SS
This may be a stupid question, but my husband and I were wondering where we take our recycling. He didn't see anything for it in the trash areas. Than...
08 Feb 2012
1143 1
by Erin Lastest Post
08 Feb 2012
Economy Housing: New Italian Law Requires No Cash Payments Over 1K Euro
I don't believe NFCU has wire transfers set up yet but the Community Bank/BofA at Capo has been doing this for recurring or one time utilities and ren...
04 Jan 2012
2027 5
by Eddie Lastest Post
28 Jan 2012
Horror Story.. Cost of housing repair when Leaving Naples, Italy Support Site
Over the last three years we have acquired quite a bit of items that are damaged by wind,  by simple mechanical failure, or accidental da...
03 Jan 2012
1684 1
by BluntedHedgehog Lastest Post
04 Jan 2012
moving off SS
Hi, my husband and I are beginning the search for our new home out in town. I just wanted to get some advice from those who have experienced living of...
22 Dec 2011
2678 7
by BluntedHedgehog Lastest Post
30 Dec 2011
Bringing a minivan to Naples
Hi! We are pcsing to Naples this February and are wondering if it is practical to bring our Honda Odysse.  WE have 4 kids (6,3 and 2yo...
10 Dec 2010
1771 8
by Chris Lastest Post
17 Dec 2011
Transformer problem
The transformer lent to me by the housing warehouse will only work with two-prong plugs.  If I plug in a grounded cord of any kind it trips the t...
15 Oct 2011
1115 2
by Jose Lastest Post
26 Oct 2011
Here's our list of cleaning produts
For those arriving at Naples and haven't been to the ICR classes. Here is our list of cleaning products we use off base. It can also be used for li...
13 Jul 2011
1574 1
by Jaime Lastest Post
03 Sep 2011
Question for those living in base housing re electrical appliances
I'm told that the apartments on base have both 110 and 220 volt electricity however wondering if you can use US electrical appliances that heat (...
Seabee Wife
18 Jul 2011
1493 6
by Seabee Wife Lastest Post
28 Jul 2011
Need moving boxes
Getting ready to move and looking for boxes.  If you have some please let me know....
24 Jul 2011
1065 6
by mary Lastest Post
27 Jul 2011
Sky Broadband out in town
We are looking at a house in Varcaturo but heard that 85% of the town can't get a telephone line. We're looking into several options but were wonderin...
20 Apr 2011
1371 3
by mary Lastest Post
23 Jul 2011
Child Car Safety Seats in Italy
Just wondering if anybody knows the legal safety rules about kids and car seats in Italy.  I have read that kids up to age 12 need a type of boos...
Seabee Wife
13 Jul 2011
1475 4
by Seabee Wife Lastest Post
22 Jul 2011
Current Base Housing Status?
We will be arriving in Naples at the end of August.  Just wondering if anybody knows the current housing status?  Is there a currently a ...
Seabee Wife
23 Jun 2011
2402 22
by Seabee Wife Lastest Post
16 Jul 2011
average monthly utility bill living offbase
Hello!I am wondering if anyone can give us a rough estimate on the monthly utility bill they spend for gas, electricity, water and phone.w...
13 Apr 2011
2805 18
by Eddie Lastest Post
13 Jul 2011
Moving home
We will be moving home in two weeks. I have an AUTOMATIC four door Opel Corsa car for sale. $2100 OBO. If you are interested in looking at it, please ...
01 Jul 2011
1156 0
Hard Water
The water here in Parco Eva is exceptionally hard.  I imagine that the situation is the same in other areas nearby. What solutions have o...
13 Jun 2011
1695 4
by Gigi Lastest Post
24 Jun 2011
TV out in town
Can I use my television from the US out in town in Naples?  I heard that if I use it everything will be in Black and White.  Is this nons...
29 Jan 2011
1789 9
by DandH Lastest Post
22 Jun 2011
Better Option than NEx TV packages!!
 Just want to let SS peeps know that you have other options besides the NEx package. We have something called Graboid. (...
03 Jun 2011
1471 0
Dishwasher Residue... Help!!!!
Is anyone else on base getting this powdery residue ...
10 Nov 2010
1296 7
by Kristin Lastest Post
25 Apr 2011
Don't get scammed
Some of the homes on the Homes for rent ad are posted by people that are "middle men" that try to get the most money out of the americans.Make sure th...
09 Apr 2011
1301 0
Off Base Home Heating Advice Needed Please!
This is my first winter here and I was wondering if this is normal.  I turn on my radiator heat for two hours in the morning and three hours in t...
17 Dec 2010
1674 9
by Sharon Lastest Post
22 Mar 2011
What a Goddsend!!
I have recently moved here and I got told about a guy that would help me out with setting up utilities, internet, cable.  He is AWESOME!!!  ...
14 Mar 2011
1373 0
PCS people??
Does anyone know if "Amalia" has PCS'd or left this area...she has multiple items listed for sale and never answers her messages.......thanks.........
Mary Jane
05 Mar 2011
1172 0
Were your crates still sealed when they got to Italy?
I was wondering if the crates with your furniture were still sealed with the original seals when they got to Italy.  If they were ope...
22 Jan 2011
1429 3
by M. Lastest Post
24 Jan 2011
Good Language CDs for adults and children?
Does anyone know any good language CDs for Adults?  Children?  DVDs, whatever?   Also, are there plenty of Itali...
21 Dec 2010
1352 1
by Sharon Lastest Post
22 Jan 2011
Disposing of Large Household Items
Do anyone knows if there is a pick up service for large items or a thrift store that will take them? I am PCSing soon and have large items I woul...
17 Jan 2011
1159 1
by Mandy Lastest Post
18 Jan 2011
Moving boxes Needed!
I need moving boxes.  I can pick them up ASAP- Please call-081-811-5003. Thanks :)...
06 Jan 2011
1074 1
by Britt Lastest Post
14 Jan 2011
Temporary Living
Where did you live when you first arrived in Italy and you were looking for a house?  We are a family of 6, four children under 6.  Will ...
21 Dec 2010
1555 5
by JC Lastest Post
13 Jan 2011
Has anyone been able to get Italian tv on SS?
I took a trip and at the hotel, they had tv. I watched many shows in Italian, picked up some words and even saw some English channels (BBC, MTV, some ...
Mrs. James
06 Jan 2011
1364 3
by David Lastest Post
07 Jan 2011
Moving to Naples from Socal... Info for PCSing PLEASE!! lol
Hi everybody!!! we're are PCSing to Naples next summer 2011 and would like to get some more info on moving to Naples. I've read many of the threads an...
02 Nov 2010
3481 24
by David Lastest Post
05 Jan 2011
Support Site Water Problems??
I have been here for about a month and I am just now getting the in's and out's of the apartments. Just found out that our air was NOT broken, they ju...
05 Nov 2010
1407 6
by David Lastest Post
27 Dec 2010
Pictures of a 3 bedrooms apartment on base!
That's it! For those guys still in the States who are coming on base! I hope it will help......
17 Nov 2010
2094 4
by Carla Lastest Post
10 Dec 2010
housing pics please!!
hello! my husband and i will be moving there this summer. most likely it will be in May or June. i would like to see some pictures of where we will be...
31 Jan 2010
1539 2
by Lacy Lastest Post
08 Dec 2010
Navy Veteran Needs Help !!!
Hello all My name is Aaron and I am a Navy Veteran who has lived here in Italy for almost three years. I know you are saying to yourself what I need h...
17 Nov 2010
1249 0
Living Abroad
Ok everyone, I have bit my tongue for a year now and have to get this off my chest. I have spent hours on the forum reading all the posts and all t...
06 Sep 2010
2477 8
by Carly Lastest Post
12 Nov 2010
Hanging Curtains
I bought some curtains from ikea for my apartment on support site. I hung them using my rod from the states with some of the stick on hooks from th...
07 Nov 2010
1160 5
by kg Lastest Post
10 Nov 2010
Base Housing Walls
Does anyone have any tips on how to get the scuff marks off the walls in base housing? I feel like I've tried everything and it either doesn't work or...
21 Oct 2010
1155 2
by Kristin Lastest Post
22 Oct 2010
PCS'ing to Naples and freaking out!!
Hello! I just found out a few hours ago that I will be PCS'ing to Naples in May 2010. Im very excited, but i am also very nervous. i have a...
Jeni 08
04 Oct 2010
2527 15
by L. Lastest Post
15 Oct 2010
New to Naples: Electrical Appliance Help
Hi, We're moving into our house in town in a month or so, and I've had a hard time getting really specific information about what I need for each elec...
02 Oct 2010
970 3
by Stephanie Lastest Post
04 Oct 2010
S.S. Water Heating System
Hi, does anyone else have any problems with the water boilers? I am getting so tired having to call maintenance and after they 'fix' the boiler the p...
24 Oct 2009
1095 3
by jessica Lastest Post
27 Sep 2010
SS internet messing up???
Is anybody else experiencing frequent drops in internet on the SS?  Mine drops several times a day for a few minutes.  ...
27 Jul 2010
1059 3
by Kristin Lastest Post
30 Jul 2010
Zapping Mosquitos
Anyone had any luck with the plug-in bug zappers they sell at the NEX? I don't know the brand name off hand, but they come in different sizes and a...
18 Jul 2010
1234 3
by ABE Lastest Post
23 Jul 2010
Awesome Landlords
I've been here a while and have many friends in the area. If you're interested in the "Italian Family" experience let me know and I will put you ...
* Unknown *
25 Jun 2010
1524 6
by Anthony Lastest Post
19 Jul 2010
Have respect for other people's property!!!
I live in building 2030.  I don't know if it's someone living in this building, or workers coming in and out, but I think this could go for a lot...
17 Jul 2010
1343 2
by Jeannie Lastest Post
19 Jul 2010
Curtain hanging in SS housing???
The subject said it...... HELP? I really really want to hang my curtains in my living room. Lets keep in mind we have tried: getting the long rods...
18 Jul 2010
1041 2
by mary Lastest Post
18 Jul 2010
ENEL Pricing Heads UP
I was just informed of this today, "For those of you who live on the economy (or have personnel livingon the economy), pay attention to...
15 Jul 2010
1670 9
by Larry Lastest Post
17 Jul 2010
Anybody waiting to move into base housing (4 bedroom)
I have a friend who wants to live off base but is being "forced" into base housing.  She has been told that there are open four bedrooms.  W...
15 Jul 2010
1152 0
TV on base
Is it just our building or is everyone having problems with their TV going in and out of channels?...
12 Jul 2010
1058 2
by LBJ Lastest Post
13 Jul 2010
Rental truck or van
Has anyone had to rent a truck or van to move?  I need to know where to get one from and how much it was.  Thanks!...
30 Jun 2010
999 1
by jason Lastest Post
30 Jun 2010
Looking to Move
Hi everyone...I am currently looking to find a better house in a safer area. Any suggestions?? Possibly realtor numbers?? I DO NOT WANT TO LIVE IN ...
19 Jun 2010
1515 6
by Papi Lastest Post
23 Jun 2010
"Red Zone" Casal Info for All
(Sorry, guys. Didn't realize that only the title of all my good info went through!) The "Red Zone" or "No Lease Zone" I am writing about refer...
08 Jun 2010
1283 0
Ants in Base housing...
Anybody else having a horrific time with the ants inside your apartment? I am being told it is all over base, but i wonder if that is just a way for t...
21 Apr 2010
1249 7
by Chris & Fran Lastest Post
27 Apr 2010
A Few Questions
My wife and I have a couple question, so we thought this would be the best place to go. 1. We're planning on moving into base housing and wanted t...
27 Mar 2010
1341 7
by William Lastest Post
05 Apr 2010
More tv Channels?
My wife is pretty homesick and would like to get more tv channels. She doesn't like AFN. I was thinking about buying a channel decoder but I don't kno...
27 Mar 2010
1703 16
by Marilyn Lastest Post
03 Apr 2010
Watching tv online
After sitting in front of computer monitors all day, the last thing I want to do is go home and sit in front of another. Sadly as far as watching tv, ...
01 Apr 2010
1424 5
by Marilyn Lastest Post
01 Apr 2010
Apartment Pics
Does anyone have any pics of a two-bedroom apartment in military housing? I checked with the previous blog from Emily, but it didn't have any links t...
01 Mar 2010
1106 1
by Lucas Lastest Post
18 Mar 2010
Apple Time Capsule
Ok so we are getting two mac books and I was wondering about people that live on base that use the time capsule. I would like to hear from everybody ...
12 Mar 2010
927 0
apartment pictures?
Could someone please post pictures of the inside of the apartments on base? We will be PCSing there soon and I would like to see if there are things ...
07 Dec 2009
2982 54
by William Lastest Post
10 Feb 2010
Realtor Reviews
I think that a forum for people to share the experiences they have had with local realtors is long over due. Whether good or bad, I hope everyone who ...
11 Dec 2009
1844 3
by Jeannie Lastest Post
01 Feb 2010
AFN Decoder
I have a question about an AFN decoder that my husband bought from someone before they PCS'ed out. We hooked it up but it needs to be 're-activated'....
Jeff and Lisa
03 Dec 2009
1570 1
by Larry Lastest Post
03 Dec 2009
Vodaphone USB Internet Slow...
Within the last few days, I have noticed my Vodaphone USB internet thumbdrive providing internet at a very slow rate (a CNET internet speed test has s...
17 Sep 2009
960 1
by Daniel Lastest Post
30 Sep 2009
Internet Connection on Support Site
Greetings NAH Community, I am about to move into the S.S. housing next week and have heard poor ratings on the quality of ADSL internet service....
16 May 2009
1138 0
Someone furnished their entire home from here!
I heard that someone here bought all of their home items from this web site! You know who you are, please write about that experience! It would be coo...
13 May 2009
1205 1
by NAH Administrator Lastest Post
13 May 2009