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Crying Cat
I have a two year old cat that I adopted here and lately things have been changing around here with my cat especially.  I am pregnant and he crie...
08 Sep 2010
1666 7
by Jillian Lastest Post
05 Dec 2013
Dog Groomer
Does anyone know of someone who lives on or near the support site that is a dog groomer ,or can reccomend one local.. Thanks Cyndi...
22 Mar 2013
1494 1
by loredana Lastest Post
25 Apr 2013
Not all dog owners are irresponsible, please do not harass someone's spouse because you are ignorant take the moment to inquire as to what is the issu...
09 Jan 2013
1720 6
by Ron Lastest Post
24 Jan 2013
Guinea Pig
We have a guinea pig we got it from Naples all hands for free. We are pcs'ng in 5 months and we want to bring him in the states. I don't know if we co...
28 Dec 2012
864 0
Recommendations for dog boarding
I'm new to Naples (I arrived November 14th) and I need to board both my dogs this weekend and will want a reliable, trustworthy boarding place while I...
05 Dec 2012
1231 2
by Carol Lastest Post
07 Dec 2012
Volunteering for animals/ Dog park
I was wondering if anyone knows of any animal volunteering oppourtunities around the support site.  I have heard about the AWL out in town, but w...
16 Nov 2012
1045 1
by Laura Lastest Post
03 Dec 2012
PCS out with Dog
We are PCSing from Naples in March. Sato has made the plane reservations for us and because of the size of our dog we need to fly out of Rome. We were...
21 Feb 2012
2874 8
by Leslie Lastest Post
09 Oct 2012
PCS to Naples with pets advice needed
We are flying through United from NJ to Naples and have a planned stop in Germany. I've been told United will not transfer our pets to the connecting ...
19 Jun 2012
1391 4
by Kendra Lastest Post
22 Aug 2012
Civilian PCS Help
Hello,I work as a fireman for the Department of Defense and I am being PCSed to Naples. My wife and I will be moving there in a few months and need a ...
09 Jul 2012
1116 1
by -cdt- Lastest Post
11 Jul 2012
I found a great pet shop in Largo
Since I got to Naples I have been looking for a pet shop, finally I found one in Largo Patria which sells Birds, Dogs, and more. The grid coordinates ...
19 Jun 2012
1143 0
Pets on Support Site
I heard today they are thinking about changing the pet policy on SS again.  There have been several complaints apparently.  Has anyone else ...
01 Nov 2011
3599 21
by WC Lastest Post
10 Mar 2012
Dog pounds in the area?
Anybody know of a dog pound in the area?...
08 Feb 2012
1080 1
by Erin Lastest Post
08 Feb 2012
Bringing my cats into Italy
We arrived here about a month ago. Next month I am going back to the US to get my cats (they were staying with my dad until we got settled here). ...
08 Feb 2012
858 0
Pets and playgrounds
Yesterday, as we have almost everyday for the last 7 months my husband and I took my dog to one of the many closed in playgrounds and let him off the ...
29 Jun 2010
2622 20
by Courtney Lastest Post
21 Dec 2011
Flying my dog from the states, unaccompanied
My husband and I were stationed here in Naples in January. We brought our cat with us, but at the time we could not bring our dog due to personal issu...
09 Sep 2011
1330 2
by John Lastest Post
14 Nov 2011
Why must WE adopt every stray animal in Naples!
Over the past months I've seen an increase of dogs on the S.S.  So, ofcourse you know what that means.  MORE DOG POOP around the S.S and in ...
22 May 2011
2207 8
by David Lastest Post
30 Sep 2011
help on PCS'ing to Naples with a dog
Hello folks, I'm PCSing to Naples in 2 months and trying to figure out what's required to bring Daphne, our 12 year old, "Treeing Walker Coon Hound" t...
29 Jul 2011
1833 6
by Mamie Lastest Post
09 Sep 2011
Dog Tags (for actual dogs!) On Base
I'm new to the puppy owning world and I'm trying to figure out where I can get a tag made with my puppies name and our address on it. Does any one kno...
02 Sep 2011
1111 3
by JASON Lastest Post
06 Sep 2011
Found: Male White Poodle
Found: White male toy poodle, american microchip. He was not registered on base or with the microchip company. Seeking his owner or anyone who has ...
30 Jul 2011
1005 0
Emergency Vet Services
Has anyone used Averno Veterinary Hospital for their Emergency Vet Services? Is this the same Dr. that comes to Support Site for surgeries? Any help w...
Jon & Kate
30 Jul 2011
1201 0
looking for a pet store
Does anyone know where I can find a pet store?...
12 Nov 2010
1477 3
by Floridian Lastest Post
25 Jul 2011
Looking for Naples Friends of Animals Contact Name and Number
I am looking for a contact name and number for a local "Friends of Animals" or animal shelter.  The closer to the Support site the better....
25 Aug 2010
1975 5
by Erika Lastest Post
12 May 2011
my mini Dachshund needs a friend Please help!!!!!
Hi my mini Dachshund Fritz (almost 1 year old female) needs a friend. We are look to adopt or buy another mini Dachshund, preferably pupp...
31 Mar 2011
1396 5
by Angel Lastest Post
27 Apr 2011
Lost Dog
My children just found a lost dog by the skate park.  It is very friendly, black and white and furry!  Please call 629-5563.  Has colla...
04 Apr 2011
1416 2
by mary Lastest Post
22 Apr 2011
Dog Sitter
I am in need of a dog sitter for April 13-16.  I have a male boxer who is 6 yrs. old.  He has a crate to stay in during the day, but usually...
10 Mar 2011
1448 7
by mary Lastest Post
13 Apr 2011
Basset hound
Does anyone know of any breeders around here that sell Basset hounds? Any help would be most appreciated!...
25 Mar 2011
1342 7
by Raquel Lastest Post
03 Apr 2011
Dog Groomer
Hi everyone, I am in great need of a dog groomer. Does anyone know a good groomer for big dogs? Our dog is getting very scruffy and is in great nee...
01 Apr 2011
1155 1
by KB Lastest Post
01 Apr 2011
Dog leavings
There is nothing like rushing down stairs to get to an appointment and crossing a small patch of grass to get to your car and stepping into a huge pil...
30 Nov 2010
3163 41
by Angela Lastest Post
22 Feb 2011
Lost Orange and White Cat
Stewie is his name and he is Orange and White.  Stewie is also totally declawed and we are afraid he jumped off the balcony Sat. due to a houscle...
06 Feb 2011
1219 4
by Leslie Lastest Post
17 Feb 2011
Lost cat
Lost my cat on support site his a large pure black cat. My number is 6295981 or 6296471 if you have seen him....
19 Jan 2011
1183 5
by Justin Lastest Post
29 Jan 2011
Advice on Pet Travel from US to Support Site?
Civilians wanting to transport our dog from Kauai to support site. We will need to use a commercial pet travel service. Does anyone have advice or inf...
16 Mar 2010
1265 7
by Tonya Lastest Post
18 Dec 2010
Lost Kitten? Gricignano area
Hi!I will also be posting this in the ads as well.  There is about a 6-8month old white and grey tabby kitten that's been in ...
18 Nov 2010
1166 1
by Mandy Lastest Post
18 Nov 2010
english bulldog puppies
I am just trying to find some one or somewhere that actually has these dogs up for sale. I'd like to get one for myself before the middle of November ...
27 Oct 2010
1592 7
by NAH Administrator Lastest Post
31 Oct 2010
Pet Stores
Is there anywhere I can get things for my cat such as scratching post etc. There is never really anything at the nex. I also have a dog I would like t...
27 Sep 2010
1475 3
by jessica Lastest Post
05 Oct 2010
There's a nice exhibition these days at Jambo mall (teverola) called NAPOLIAQUATICA.    It is a fair of aquariums, tropica...
22 Sep 2010
1078 2
by jelena Lastest Post
25 Sep 2010
I am just wondering why some people on here are so cruel to some pet owners that are not able to continue to take care of keep a animal they have had ...
11 Sep 2010
1733 15
by NAH Administrator Lastest Post
21 Sep 2010
I know that this subject has been brought up many, many, many times but I feel the need to do it again.  Why do people insist on "helping" out an...
02 Sep 2010
2626 46
by JoAnne Lastest Post
19 Sep 2010
Pet stores for fish
I am about to set up at fish tank and I was wondering if anybody could give me some GPS to any local stores that sell freshwater fish.<...
03 Sep 2010
1127 1
by jelena Lastest Post
05 Sep 2010
I believe the Yorkie and Bulldog ad is a scam..Hopefully Admin. will look into it.  ...
05 Sep 2010
1141 1
by NAH Administrator Lastest Post
05 Sep 2010
Tame white bunny
Please take this baby home!  She is very tame and loves attention.  Comes with all supplies.  My kids are no longer interested in her a...
29 Aug 2010
894 0
Buyer Beware when buying Purebreed Dogs!
Hello, I want to make the community aware of the scams that are going on concerning purebreed dogs. There are some "breeders" who are listing purebr...
09 Jun 2009
1723 17
by jason Lastest Post
23 Aug 2010
White Bunny
I have a very tame white bunny with cage and food if anyone is interested in taking her.  Thanks!...
19 Aug 2010
926 0
Interested in forming a Dog Owners Association on the Support Site?
I am a dog owner. My dog is part of my family. I am his voice.Are you tired of getting the run-around on all issues dog related? Do you...
17 Jul 2010
1503 26
by Christina Lastest Post
17 Aug 2010
Has anyone Flown with Dog on Alitalia?
Flying our dog over from LAX to Rome on Alitalia. Can anyone share any experiences/advice with this airline? Thx...
13 Aug 2010
1063 2
by Cat Lastest Post
16 Aug 2010
by Malina Lastest Post
28 Jul 2010
Pet Passports
Just an FYI for people PCSing back to the U.S. with pets and need a pet passport.  The place where you go (maybe not the only one) in Aversa has ...
30 Jun 2010
1239 0
All info can be found at this link. including how to fill out the paperwork and directions.
02 Jun 2010
1718 2
by CJ Lastest Post
22 Jun 2010
looking for a dog
I am looking for a schnauzer does anybody know where I might find one here in the area. ...
02 May 2010
1156 1
by sarah Lastest Post
18 Jun 2010
Anyone with info on the DeFurburlizer?
Don't remember the exact name of the thing, but the NEx sells it on the pet care aisle and I've also seen it advertised online. Supposed to get rid of...
10 Jun 2010
1103 2
by Jeannie Lastest Post
10 Jun 2010
Land Mines......
For those of you that have dogs and pick up their fecal matter, Thank You! This message goes out to all the people that feel that they are better t...
23 Feb 2010
1671 22
by DandH Lastest Post
29 Mar 2010
Traveling With Pets
My wife and I are taking our pug with with us on a MAC flight when we PCS to Naples. We'd like to hear your experience. Thanks!...
04 Feb 2010
1281 14
by Lori Lastest Post
13 Feb 2010
Pets Immunizations
What type of immunizations are required for a dog? I have a 6 year old pug that's micorchipped. Thanks....
26 Jan 2010
994 2
by Chad Lastest Post
26 Jan 2010
Looking for People with a Story to Tell
Have you called base security or the Emergency Dispatch Cenetr for a pet related incident only to be given the run around or ignored? Things such as s...
28 Oct 2009
2355 48
by Whitney Lastest Post
10 Dec 2009
Export Paperwork: How to ship Dogs and Cats
Export Paperwork: In order to get your pet out of Italy, you will need to get the paperwork done in order to leave the country and ship your pet to...
17 Aug 2009
1078 0
Cost of Dogs: Vet Requirements and Care Prices
The Following is the AVMA recommended guidelines for puppy shots and dog yearly vaccinations. I have added the general or known costs of the items so ...
17 Aug 2009
1165 0
Cost of Pets
If you have an animal, you need to be aware of the stpes and costs that it takes to care and fly the animal to your next duty station. The Following i...
15 Aug 2009
1020 0