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26 Jan 2010
Pets Immunizations

What type of immunizations are required for a dog? I have a 6 year old pug that's micorchipped. Thanks.

26 Jan 2010
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Pet immunizations

For here you are going to need two booster shots and a rabies. Be careful giving shots to pugs all at once. Pugs are known to have allergic reactions to vaccines. It is best for the breed to only have one shot at a time and be closely monitored for 24 hours after recieveing an vaccine. You will also need to register with the base vet if you are military, even if you do not live on base. Good luck!

26 Jan 2010
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NSA SS Vet Clinic

You can also contact the base vet at:

DSN: 629-7913

Commercial: 081-811-7913

Or go online at: