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30 Nov 2009
Stuttgart Craft Store Info

Hubby brought back a business card from the Stuttgart Arts and Crafts store. If you're having trouble finding something crafty here, they may be able to help. The lady there told him they may be able to MPS purchases to Naples. Call to see if that's still true, but if it is, they have a LOT of stuff there. The page is a little outdated, but you can get an idea of what they have. I haven't called because I'm trying to move stuff OUT and not collect any more before we leave.

civ: 0711 680 5270

DSN 430 5270 (don't know the prefix)

01 Dec 2009
Stuttgart Craft Store

DSN Prefix for Germany is 314 as is Naples, so dialing would just be the listed 7 digit DSN number.