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28 Oct 2009
Fish and Chips???

Does anyone know of a good Fish and Chips place here in Naples? I would figure with as many Brits as we have here with Naples, there has to be at least one. Thanks!!!

23 Jan 2010
Fish and Chips.

I am from Australia and would love to know too!

24 Jan 2010
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Fish 'n' Chips

I have never heard of a chippy here in Naples. Being British I make my own (and curries) They sell mushy peas at the commissary which go lovely on the side of some Fish 'n' chips. I use (will spell this wrong) the Tapilia fish, it is lovely and then peel and make my own chips.

25 Jan 2010
fish n chips

We gave up looking, but this recipe for beer batter flashed across my yahoo page one day and I think it's pretty good if you have to make your own.

25 Jan 2010
Fish n chips

Thanks Lori, I will see how I go with this one and the Tilapia fish.

24 May 2010

I spoke with the lady at the BCC and she said that they have done Fish and Chips in the past. I told her that I would certainly attend a monthy or bi-monthly fish and chips night at the little outdoor Cafe that they have there. If there is anyone else interested let me know and maybe I can help organize it. They are looking for ways to bring people in, and all NATO is welcome. Kim, the girl at the bar is Very sweet and friendly. It is a vey nice place to go for coffee or a pint since there is a nice play set for the kids right outside and they also have a play room next to the cafe so your kids can have fun while you have some adult chat. The British Community Center is right off of the LAGO Patria exit, turn right before the Flag Hotel and you will see it on your right (large White house). Their hours are a little strange, but Thursday- Saturday evening they are open.