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24 Oct 2009
S.S. Water Heating System

Hi, does anyone else have any problems with the water boilers? I am getting so tired having to call maintenance and after they 'fix' the boiler the problem still persists. I cannot get a good warm shower without having to come out and reset the button outside and not even 2 minutes later, the waters get freezing cold again! Maintenance is probably tired coming over and having to repair it numerous times. We had this problem last year as well. Is anyone having the same problem as we are?

26 Oct 2009
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suggestion for water heater

I am in the Navy Lodge TLA and had a similar problem. I turned the radiator dial up to 3 (it was on 0) and the problem stopped. If the problem persists, your ignition is probably going and I would insist on a new boiler or better service!

26 Oct 2009
boilers - UGH

Just call them every time! No fun on a Friday night with a head full of shampoo and icy water, I know, but that's what you have to do. If they have given you suggestions or cleaned it out and it still persists, start asking about a new one. The boiler brothers are very good and know how these boilers are. Still, it has to be a complete lost cause for them to finally be able to get permission to replace your boiler. It was in our case, anyway. The tech still kids me about that old boiler every time they come to do maintenance :)

27 Sep 2010
Re: S.S. Water Heating System

our water is really weird get in start a hot shower half way through cold water if you turn the water to tub the water gets hot again and you can put it back on shower and finish your shower. Its really annoying