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17 Sep 2009
Vodaphone USB Internet Slow...

Within the last few days, I have noticed my Vodaphone USB internet thumbdrive providing internet at a very slow rate (a CNET internet speed test has shown it varying from 80kbs to 130kbs). The most I have ever gotten from it is about 350kbs. Is anybody else experiencing the same problem? I purchased it from the Vodaphone onbase. Thanks!

30 Sep 2009

I've noticed that this happens about once a month and lasts for a few days. I think it has to do with maintenance, during this time you might notice your Internet dropping to a 0bps transfer rate also. Still haven't figured out what causes it for sure, they don't seem to know at the Vodafone stores on base, pretty much just deny that it happens. That's customer service in the Naples area though, have come to not expect much more.