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16 Sep 2009
Halloween on S.S.???

Can anyone tell me if there's anything going on for kids on S.S. on Halloween? My son is 4 and it's our first Halloween here in Italy, but we don't want to go to Carney Park, as it will be too much for him and we won't have a car.

16 Sep 2009
Halloween on SS

Usually they have trick or treating on the ss from 6-9pm. I haven't heard anything yet this year.

16 Sep 2009
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Halloween 2009

Last year they did the trick-or-treating here on base and they also had a contest for the cutest costume, as well as several stands with free goodies and food. I am not sure if they will do the same this year, but I am sure that it will be on Panorama. Our daughter was 4 last year and had a blast going trick-or-treating from building to building. I am sure your son will have a grea time as well. :)