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17 Aug 2009
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Export Paperwork: How to ship Dogs and Cats

Export Paperwork:

In order to get your pet out of Italy, you will need to get the paperwork done in order to leave the country and ship your pet to your new duty station. This needs to be started no later than 60 days BEFORE you leave and in some cases you may need to begin 6 – 9 months early. Please speak with the base vet clinic if you have any questions regarding the timeline.

1. You must have current vaccinations and medical records.

Your pet must have their rabies and it must be more than 30 days and less than 12 months old. That means your pet must be inoculated before your departure date. Do not wait until the last minute to have this done!

Microchipping must be done for both dogs and cats.

For dogs ONLY, you will need to have an OFFICAL Leishmaniasis test done AT LEAST 30 days before you leave the country. It is valid for one year so I suggest this be done yearly so that you are covered and you know long beforehand if your dog is affected. If the dog tests positive, the animal may not be shipped out of Naples. The dog may still be shipped through Rome or any other airport not in Campania.

2. You must have the CORRECT Health Certificates for your situation.

*AMC flights require you to have a health certificate provided by the base vet within 10 days of your departure. This means you need to make the appointment 40 to 50 days before you leave. If the base vet is not available for you during this time, they will help you obtain a health certificate from a local vet with English translation.

*Commercial Airlines and Flying Cargo require a Pet Passport and Export Certificate. This requires more work than the AMC paperwork. This comes from the Provincial Veterinarian in the area your animal is flying out of. This means if you are flying from Campania then the vet you need to see will be in the Campania Region, if you are flying from Rome, the vet you need to see will be in the Rome region. This must be done within 6 days of departure.

As of this writing, the fee is 30.11 Euro for the Pet Passport and Export Certificate. If you are traveling within the EU you only need the pet passport and the fee is 15.32 per pet. You must pay for these in Italian money orders from an Italian Post Office. There is a fee of 1 Euro for the money order. The base vet can give you all directions and forms you need to fill out to do this.

When you go to the Provincial Veterinarian, you take your pet(s) , their medical records to include the Rabies Certificate, proof of microchip, and the paid money order. These vets are only open 2 or three days a week and typically for only 2-3 hours during those days. You will need to locate the vet and their hours of operation prior to your departure. If you do not have this done, your pet will not leave with you.

Other Consideration:

You will also need to obtain an International Approved Airline Carrier (Internationally approved carries have breathing holes on all 4 sides, including the door). These can range from $30 to $175 USD depending on what size you need. These are located at the NEX and are easily bought and shipped from the internet on sites such as, or

Please make sure that your carrier is the correct size for your animal. Your animal must have enough room to walk in, turn around, sit up, and lie down comfortably with at least 3 inches from the top of their head while sitting down. Please know that there are some known scams at local airports where some may try and make you pay for another crate claiming that yours is not the correct size. Do not give any one reason to doubt that your crate is too small or you may find yourself at the airport buying another one. If you opt to use a company to do the shipping, this is less of an issue.

Again, this is a general overview to help plan for the shipping of your pet. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the base vet as they will have the most current and up to date information on exporting your pets.