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15 Aug 2009
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Cost of Pets

If you have an animal, you need to be aware of the stpes and costs that it takes to care and fly the animal to your next duty station. The Following is some quick info and I will make a more detailed one later.

*On an AMC flight, cost of flying a dog can be from $100 to 300 USD and you must take the necessary steps to have your pet eligible. This means that your pet must be included in your orders, you need to have the correct paperwork (available at the base vet), and you need a reservation. You typically pay this amount in cash and it is due when you arrive at the airport with your animal.

* Commercial flights are completey different. You will need to research each airline for rules. I have seen prices range from $200 to 1000 USD depending on airline, weight of dog, etc. You have to contact the airline and make a reservation, do certain paperwork witch they will tell you what they require, and they may accept credit cards, money orders, cash, or check.

* Cargo flights are a totally different "beast" all together. If you are shipping your pet ahead of you or after you, then you will need to send the animal by cargo. Since the USDA has changed their rules as of Feb. 2009, all animals flying cargo from a non-US city must be through a recognized agent. These are usually companied that specialize in shipping of animals through the airlines. Each company is different, works with different airlines and must follow all applicaple laws. I have seen prices range from $500 - 1500 per animal, and my experience is that European companies are cheaper than US. Some companies will require you to complete the export paperwork (again available at the base vet) and some will, for a fee, have the availability to do it for you. Prices typically are based on the services you choose, weight of dog, etc. Many companies allow you to pay in credit cards, money orders,or checks.

Again, this is a general overview to help plan for the cost of shipping a pet. I can provide more detailed information at another time. I can also explain the steps you must take for the export paperwork or to ship a dog from the states to just about anywhere, as well as general costs for owning and caring for a pet.