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16 May 2009
Internet Connection on Support Site

Greetings NAH Community,

I am about to move into the S.S. housing next week and have heard poor ratings on the quality of ADSL internet service. Before I decide to purchase a Vodaphone broadband usb internet key, I would like to ask if anyone is familiar with the actual (not advertised) speed the usb key will provide within the confines of the housing complex?

In order to provide some background, a typical broadband connection is faster than a DSL connection; however, one must also pay out of pocket even more just to have an active phone line for this very same connection. Since the on-base provider has a monopoly on both landlines and ADSL, it is more cost-effective to have an internet usb key. I have also heard base housing will be getting an upgrade to the ADSL, which will increase the bandwidth even though each "complex" still shares the same ADSL connection (from what I've been told).

Although price is an issue, so is the bandwidth hence my question regarding the same: Does anyone in the local community have a Vodaphone broadband usb internet connection on their laptop? If so, what is the quality, speed, satisfaction, etc?

On the same note, the usb key runs on vodaphone's 3G network, which is the same internet protocol used for those with iphones and certain 3G-enabled cell phones. So, if you have an iphone/cell phone on Vodaphone's 3G network, what has your experience been?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a great day!