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05 May 2009
Italian/European Women married to the US Military

Are you an Italian/European wife? Would you like to share your experiences being part of the US military family?

Then join my group!

I'm Italian as well and I'm a Navy wife. :) I've got a 10 years old son and I'm currently living in the area. I'd like to meet you all to share ideas, opinion, experiences, chat, help eachother...

Call or text Mari: 339/1221595

or email me:

07 May 2009
AWC is opposite, but the same

Great idea to pool your ideas and resources. Meantime, there are lots of Americans and English-speaking women who are married to Italians, doing just the same thing.

Come join us this Saturday 9 May for chat and networking at Christ Church, v. S.Pasquale, 10.30 - 13.00.

Call Tricia 081 5604483 for more info.

07 May 2009
Thanks for your reply

That's cool that we have opposite groups :) Actually I'm still trying to build mine.

I'm going to join you girls next meeting. Unfortunaately I've already made plans for this saturday.

By the way I just sent you an email!