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29 Mar 2013
NEX Autoport

So I am pretty new here to Naples and have heard bad things about the autoport, but seeing as I just bought a little naples car I figured I'd get it checked out. They gave me an estimate for over 1600 worth of repairs, when I had just paid almost that same price for the car. Luckily the person I bought the car from gave me his mechanics number and for EVERYTHING  plus some extra stuff thrown in I piad less than 700. Ridiculous if you ask me.

01 Apr 2013
Re: NEX Autoport

You must be really new here.  Yes, unfortunately the biggest auto repair rip off is in our own back yard.  It's a good thing you were able to find a local repair shop that worked out.  Another avenue is utilizing the auto hobby shop for basic repairs.  They have people on hand that can show you how to do the basics if need be.One other thing to keep in mind, if you need parts like filters (air and oil), plugs and other easy to change out items, you can go the Auchon out in town.  They are kind of a basic version of WALMART around here.  You can get these items for much less than going to the Autoport.Also, if you have to use the Autoport, and we all have, unfortunately, on the rare occasion, make sure to double check everything and do not be afraid to use the ICE webpage to report them if the work is not up to your standards.Good luck going forward and sorry one of your first experiences here in Naples was with them.  Hope it doesn't leave a sour taste in your mouth.  Naples has its goods and bads.  Just keep and open mind and smile on your face.