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30 Jan 2013
School dropoff circle

Over and over  people continue to park their car in the drop off circle in the morning. It causes jams and is unsafe as people try to go around wich blocks other people in. You have kids getting out of cars when they go around other cars that are already stuck because of parked cars in the circle. There was a security guy their doing nothing. I got out and asked him why there where parked cars there he answer was " I dont know". I called the school about this issue but was told they couldnt do anyrthing and I should call security. I called security and even though this is a very dangerous issue I was told they are undermanned and couldnt really do anything about right now. You'd think since there is a security guard in front of his car right beside the circle he could tell people not to park there. I really dont understand why this hasnt been addressed .As of now... STILL almost everyday people leave their car in the circle. DOES SOMEONE HAVE TO GET HURT BEFORE ANYTHING IS DONE ???? 

23 Feb 2013
Re: School dropoff circle

I am a drop off & pick up mom. I agree I have seen some situations with cars an kids that make my hair stand up. Worst is when we have storms an we have a over load of cars. On most normal days it runs smooth. Though I drop my kids off early before the rush and pick up a little later to avoid a pile up of cars.