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16 Nov 2012
Volunteering for animals/ Dog park

I was wondering if anyone knows of any animal volunteering oppourtunities around the support site.  I have heard about the AWL out in town, but was wondering if there was anything on the support site to help animals that people either have to leave behind or find homes for new born animals?  Or if some of the pet owners would be willing to donate some time to put something together?Also does anyone know who is in charge of maintaining the dog park?  I was hoping to try and look into getting some pet owners together and fixing it up to make it a little nicer and hopefully getting rid of the flea problem that is plaguing it.  Any info would be helpful.

03 Dec 2012
Re: Volunteering for animals/ Dog park

You can post question on PAWS for NALA. I'm sure lots of peeps can help. GL!