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29 Oct 2012
Moving in April, question about military housing.

I saw the pictures of the 3 bedroom apartment. That was super helpful thank you :) I am just wondering if all the apartments on the SS look the same. I have seen floor plans on the housings FB page and it looks like the off base ones (I forget the name but they're military owned) are for E7 and above? My hubby is army E5. So I don't know it we'd have that option, plus I think I'd like to live on base since my son will be active in sports and stuff. Anywho we have one son, so would be only get a 2 bedroom? Or are there enough open units that we'd get something bigger. Doesn't really matter since we plan to travel and see as much as possible while we're there :) I've read lots of previous posts on here. It's been the mos helpful thing I've found in my search. Is anyone army? I'd like a little insight on that. Also we have a jeep Cherokee. We will try to trade it in and get something smaller and more gas efficient for traveling, or will that even be nessasary? We also have a small Honda civic but it's my husbands work car and we can only ship one car right? That's going to stink if we have to sit at home all day while he's at work.

31 Oct 2012
Re: Moving in April, question about military housing.

My wife and I just moved here as well.  Unfortunetely E-6 and below only get a 2 bedroom if it's just husband and wife and 1 bedroom per child.  So if you and your husband only have 1 child then you're only eligible for a 2 bedroom regardless of how many larger units are available.  There are 3 different floor plans that I know about they're all about the same square footage (as far as I know).  I have heard the same thing about the contracted off base housing that you mentioned.  I was told they were E-7 and above as well, but that may be changing soon.  As far as bringing a jeep, you could but you will have problems getting down some of the smaller streets (and trust me there are plenty of them). We have a civic and it seems to be just a little bigger than the european cars.  Also if you brought your husbands car, you can have up to 3 cars here.  There are plenty for sale from either a dealership out in town (ask around for one that is trustworthy) or from the lemon lot.  There is even a section on this site that lists cars for sale.  I wouldn't suggest buying or bringing anything that you wouldn't want to get dinged up. Hope this helps.

09 Jan 2014
Re: Moving in April, question about military housing.

Im actually moving in March .  Im a DoD Civilian not sure what kind of gov housing would be available for a Civilian/GS12 or do I reach out to the community.

19 Jan 2014
Re: Moving in April, question about military housing.

If you are interesting to leave out to the base, a lot of US Civilian families leave around Lago Patria (Near the new JFC NATO Base) or Licola, Pozzuoli, these location are 30 km far from Capodichino Base and around 45 km far from Support Site base at Gricignano d'aversa. Both bases are easy to reach through highways, specially the one for Capodichino called Tangenziale. If you are a GS12 you will be able to find a nice villa in these locations with three floors and more than three house, usually these houses do not go up the limits of OHA allowance that should be around Euro 2,000 per month.