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03 Oct 2012

Just putting it out there for those who newly PCS'd in the area looking for a reliable used car.  Recently bought a used car from Gino who advertises on the automobile section of this website.   It was a 1997 BMW 520i with 44,000 kilometers.  The car is literally brand new for it was previously owned by an old Italian gentlemen who can no longer drive.  Several days of having the car, I noticed that the drive belts in the engine compartment were cracked and needing to be replaced.  I also noticed the tail-light didn't work.  I brought the vehicle back to Gino and without hesitation, he had them all repaired right there on the spot without any appointment.  Although Gino mechanically guaranteed the vehicle for six months, my point is, he really does go by his word when he says he guaranty the vehicle for whatever amount of time during the sale.  I have an electromechanical engineering degree so I know if someone is pulling my leg when it comes to vehicle maintenance.  I visited Gino's repair shop where all his vehicles are serviced and repaired, and I can attest to all who does business with Gino that you'll be taken good care of when it comes to the vehicle purchased from him.  I also think he's got the best used cars compared to the other used car salesman in the area.  Look him up andyou won't be disappointed.  There isn't many honest used car salesman out there anymore, but theres is one guy left and that is Gino.  Look Gino up in the Automobile Advertisement of the Naples All Hands Website when you need a used car and you won't be disappointed - Lindo