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10 Sep 2012
possible scam ?

Today when my husband was out in the car. He overtook a vehicle and he was not close as he was overtaking or anything like that. The guy followed behind him and said that my hubby had broken his wing mirror. My husband noticed that the guys windscreen was all broken also My hubby said no, I was no where near your wing mirror. The guy said you are American and you can pay. My husband who is English said no I am not paying, and mentioned car Insurance. With that the guy disappeared very quickly. This incident happened in Monteruscello, just to update you. We believe this is a scam, as if we had caused any damage we would have no qualms to have gone through our insurance. Be aware

12 Sep 2012
Re: possible scam ?

Yeah, that happened to me few times - often it was in a situation where it is impossible for us to hit them or be at fault. Generally they wanted something like €50 to settle. I said, we can call the insurance or the police. They try to insist on settling privately, I never accept. So they go away.