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26 Jul 2012
What should I do with my TV and IPHONE 4

I just bought a really nice LED LCD tv right before knowing I got selected for a job in Naples.  Know i dont know what to do with this tv.  Will it work with any adapters?  What did yall do?  will my IPHONE work overthere also?  I have ATT and not sure if i should drop them and get a local plan.  Is there data plans available?  Thanks 

27 Jul 2012
Re: What should I do with my TV and IPHONE 4

Without knowing any info about your tv, the short answer is yes. With the ever evolving technology these days your tv may be dual voltage and the only thing you would require is a small $1 converter. If it is not dual voltage you can run it off of a transformer as alot of people do here if you live out in town. If you live off base they provide US style plugs and nothing is required. With that being said, ive done research and called Samsung (model of my $2700 LCD tv) and they said there should be no problem running my television off of a transformer. Now to the phone... unless you want to pay a large amount every month to use ATT's international plan your best bet will be to make sure you end your contract with them using your orders for PCSing (I did this and most other typically do as well). Whatever you do make sure that you end on a good note with them, i.e. do not owe them money. Call ATT and request they unlock your Iphone. They will get info about your phone, contract you have/had, contact info, etc, etc and then tell you it will take about 24-72 hours to process your request if your account is in good standing, at which point you will recieve an email containing the instructions for unlocking your phone. For me, ATT authorized my 2 iphones to be unlocked in just over 2 days and im free to use whatever carrier I want. Good luck.