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09 Jul 2012
Civilian PCS Help

Hello,I work as a fireman for the Department of Defense and I am being PCSed to Naples. My wife and I will be moving there in a few months and need a lot of help with the move. We have done a lot of research and can not find any defintive answers on where the safe places are to live.  If anyone knows the correct amount for DOD Housing allowance that would helpful.  Also our biggest concern is our two boxers that will be traveling with us, If anyone GS employees have traveled with pets and has any tips please let us know.  If you have traveled and PCS with your pets did the government pay for the transportation for them?  Ive noticed on the DFAS website that under misc section they do cover it but want to just make sure with people who have lived it.  This is there website   Thanks again and any tips will help a lot.