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25 Jun 2012
Craft store

Does anyone know of a craft store or something similar.

Thanks- corey

12 Feb 2014
Re: Craft store

Hey! Did you ever find one? I'm looking for yarn for knitting :)

18 Mar 2014
Re: Craft store

Depending on exactly what it is you're looking might actually have better luck checking out some of the local markets.  The Fuorigrotta market (open daily but only in the mornings) has a pretty decent selection of fabrics for example.  Otherwise, try asking for your local "merceria" which is basically a sewing goods store.  You're not going to find a Joann's or Michael's anywhere but you can get your hands on some really good stuff if you know where to look.  Off the top of my head there are two good stores in Lago Patria - both located towards the end of the four-laner where the Hotel Emilia sits.  One you can find embroidery thread and knitting supplies at, the other has fabric, buttons, threads, etc.  Hope this helps.