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22 Apr 2012
Best Car Mechanic We Have ever had!

This is a plug for the best car mechanic we have ever had. For a little history, my husband has a Chrysler Sebring, not exactly the highest mechanical quality car. Before we moved here, he put close to $2000 into the car to try to fix several problems. No joy. When we came here, he found a guy named Luciano, who works in Lago Patria, and not only fixed the problem but charged 1/4 of the price. He works on all cars, is very reasonable in price, and does a great job. Yesterday, our car wouldn't start and he was going to drive to Carney park on his day off to help fix the car. His shop shop is at 143 Via Staffeta, right next to Caruso's. His cell number is 328-465-1084. email is He speaks english pretty well. If you happen to use him, let him know that Josh said he was THE BEST!!!!!!