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14 Apr 2012
Nato Beach

I was told that there is a nato beach somewhere around here. Does anyboy know anything about it or the location?

17 Apr 2012
Re: Nato Beach

 Not sure if there is a NATO Beach  but, there is an Italian Navy Beach which lets u.s. military and dependants use at Capo Miseno. My family and I go every year. the prices are good compared to the normal Italian beaches and the also have a bar and caffateria which have greatbprices. I believe it's called Spiagga Marina Militare. They should open sometime in June.

28 Apr 2012
Re: Nato Beach

Does anyone know how to get there from SSITE?

29 Apr 2012
Re: Nato Beach

They have a NATO beach listed on the GPS list here that is in Bacoli.  It is listed under Miseno.  hope that helps