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06 Apr 2012
Gino's Cars in Lago Patria are Great!

If you are new to the area and you are looking for a great car, call Gino in Lago Patria.  I purchased my car from him when I arrived in 2009 and it has been a great, cute little car.  I take my car to Gino for maintenance and I am completely satisfied.  Give him a call at 338.218.8648.

04 Jul 2014
Re: Gino's Cars in Lago Patria are Great!

I'm a retired HM1(FMF/SCW), IDC who is now here in Naples on my wife's orders (NAVFAC CIV @ CAPO). We've been here about 4 months, and we'd like to say a few nice things about GINO in LAGO PATRIA.
I've written him a nice review before, but this latest experience has gotten me on the keyboard again! So we took our 2006 Alfa Romeo 147 (4 door hatchback) in for an oil change and filter & to replace a burned out lightbulb. The job was done in a very short amount of time and with great care/quality. I've done enough bargain basement "Jiffy Lube" oil changes to know the difference. We drive off and do our thing for the day, heading to Support Site. Well, after finishing up there...there's a warning light and the temp guage spikes to the top. I immediately turn the car off, and after cursing in both Spanish & English...give Gino a call for a tow. He aounds shocked and genuinely concerned. He then sends a tow truck out for us, immediately. Pepe, the tow truck driver arrives in mere friendly and reassuring that everything will be ok. I try to pay Pepe, and he says "No, Gratzie. Gino will take care of everything tomorrow."
I tip him and shake his hand with grattitude (the least I can do) as he leaves us virturally at our doorstep. The next day, Gino calls me and gives me the run-down of what happened. He's talking in simple, easy to understand terms and continuously calms me down when I repeatedly ask about costs vs warranty, etc. He brings the car TO MY HOUSE, picks me up and we drive it around as he's explaining the work done on the car. I'm still nervous when we arrive at the shop. He gets out as says, "Don't worry about it. The water pump is within warranty. (Standing behind his work and his word)
I'm like, "No way, Gino. I'm not leaving here without paying anything..." So we decide to at least pay Pepe the tow guy for his services last night.
I simply ask you this question, "WHO IN THE U.S.A. WOULD DO THIS? WHO MAKES THIS KIND OF SITUATION RIGHT?!" Don't answer, because the correct response is NO ONE. Gino is an honest business man, certainly he's making his money off the US and NATO personnel with car sales and repairs/tows. BUT HE DOES IT WITH INTEGRITY AND CLASS! I have brothers-in-law who sell cars back in San Diego on the "Mile of Lies...err, Cars". No disrespect to them, but...c'mon. Are you kidding me?
I don't throw around recommendations and reviews all "willy nilly". I am VERY CAREFUL who I give my money to and who I align myself with. GINO IS A CLASS ACT ALL THE WAY. Give him an opportunity to make you a believer, too.
Very Respectfully,
M. A. SantanaHM1, USN, Ret. 

27 May 2018
Re: Gino's Cars in Lago Patria are Great!

I absolutely concur!  Gino offered friendly service.  He was informative without bing imposing or pushy.He will assist with the registration process and has earned the respect of key stakeholders throughout the base.

13 Jun 2018
Re: Gino's Cars in Lago Patria are Great!

If you are looking for a good dealer that speaks English, knows cars, and man of his word. Go to Gino’s Cars in Lago Patria! He is a great guy and I recommend all sailors, dependents, and contractors to go to him if you are looking for a car. If you have any issues with your car you can contact his brother which is right down (beside Dragonfly) the road from his spot. He will always come to base to get you if you need a ride to his car lot.

12 Jul 2018
Re: Gino's Cars in Lago Patria are Great!

I found that he can be trusted and He keeps his word. I purchased a great Mini Cooper from him. I will buy the next car from him as well. He completed all the NATO Documents form. Had no trouble at MVRO

07 Dec 2018
Re: Gino's Cars in Lago Patria are Great!

I will let you know what my experience with mr. Gino was like. I feel I need to make the community aware of it, for others to avoid any unpleasant experience like I had.Before I decided to go see Gino's offers, I have noticed that the price is higher than others' on the local market but I considered that I am willing to pay extra for the 1 year warranty and for not having to deal with the paperwork.Therefore I have bought a car from him being very pleased of how the things run very smoothly with the paperwork and all. After a while the car broke down. Went back to him to see what was the problem. The injectors weren't running in parameters so the recommendation was to replace and clean them. I then asked whether this wasn't covered in the 1 year warranty. He said that injectors are not part of the engine and he would only garantee the engine. As much as I wanted to disagree with him, i know what in part of an engine and what isn't, I payed the whole bill and left. Shortly after the car breaks dowwn again, the same problem. Being disappionted with the works done by him, I went to another mechanic to solve the problem. In here I had the big suprise to find out that the injectors have never been replaced and they are the original ones, cofirmed by serial number. I contacted him just to let him know that I don't like the situation. He started saying that he never said he replaced the injectors. When I showed the bill that said "sostituzione iniettori - mening injectors replaced" he continued denying any implications, saying maybe the mechanic did something and he wasn't aware of it. Long story short: I am very dissapointed and I want to let the community know my experience with mr. Gino and consider this before buying from him. I will never go to him.I would also recommend when going to see his cars to ask for the following:- ask for a fair price. Compare prices online, i.e. Do a search by type and year of the car and have an idea of the fair price;- ask for a written paper when he says you have 1 year warranty, and make it clear from the begining what it covers.I know I regret not doing the above things beforehand. I know it is not normal to ask for a warranty in used cars, and I didn't expect too much but this was the reason I decided in the first place to buy from there and pay the extra money and it turned out that I payed it for nothing (including some injector replacement, which it didn't happen).

13 Dec 2018
Re: Gino's Cars in Lago Patria are Great!

Hello, I would like to respond to Mr. Adrian about the problem found on his car. In fact, the warranty covers the mechanical parts submitted by us to specific checks before sale. The problem with the car in question was probably due to the questionable fuel quality. We proceeded to replace a completely damaged injector and clean and regenerate the other three. The replaced one was used but tested and regenerated before installing it. In addition, the amount of oil and filters had to be charged in the amount. Keep in mind that any new injectors on your car cost around 2000 euros. I do not think that for the amount you pay, you get a joke or a scam. We also talk about an intervention done  in March and then the car was operational for more than 6 months, but in any case could have come back to us for a civil and peaceful response. But in view of all this, I believe that his statements about my work and my reputation, consolidated with years of serious and professional work, are extremely offensive. So I politely ask you to delete the post in question and in the future to address certain issues directly, without harming or defaming anyone. Thank you.King Regards. Gino

14 Dec 2018
Re: Gino's Cars in Lago Patria are Great!

In response to Adrian I don't think you should keep this post on here based on your situation when you didn't even let Gino try to explain or solve the problem because you just took it to another mecanic and then decided to blast him on here with a lengthy post. I got my car from Gino and have brought many to get their cars from him and never have their been any issues. I also take my car to his brother to get fixed and actually just dropped my car off yesterday for a check up and they were nice enough to drive me home since it was raining so I didn't have to walk home while it was in the shop for a day. If given the chance I know Gino will make any situation right and that's why he has such a great reputation and I think you should remove your post

15 Dec 2018
Re: Gino's Cars in Lago Patria are Great!

Gino and Lorenzo... I lived in Napoli for 10 years, and purchased several cars from Gino, I have also referred to Gino and Lorenzo many of my friends that came to live in Napoli.  Gino is a trust worthy person, honest and will treat you well, he will go the extra miles to help you any time of the day, if your car breaks down on the freeway, he will make a concerted effort to tow you to his mechanic Rafael.... so I have no doubt that Gino will treat you well and you are in good hands with him.  Lorenzo and his mechanics crew, are trust worthy mechanics, do great work and very reasonable.  If you are coming to Naples to stay several years, contact Gino and Lorenzo, they will assist and help you, they are great source of information .....  go with the people you know...  Gino and Lorenzo, thank you for all the assistance you provided while I lived in Napoli for 10 years... you are the best, always happy with your service..  Grazie Mille i miei fratelli Ciao    

18 Dec 2018
Re: Gino's Cars in Lago Patria are Great! AND Yet Gino, is Even Greater!

Fake News and Spin is a Reality -- Personally, it disheartens me when anyone insuits, intentionally Bad Mouths or Wrongfully Accuses or Abuses anyone, let alone Your & My #1 / Gino from Gino's Auto Sales in Lago Patria. More Often than Not, it is Very Difficult to Accomplish in Today's Society, Here or Opportunity to Deal with A First Class, No Nonsense Business Person, let alone a Used Car Professional, The Like's of Gino and Gino's Auto Sales in Lago Patria - The Man is beyound reproach, He Has Time and Again, Demonstrated & Will Go to Any Length - to Correct or Rectifiy Any Problem or Issue regarding any one of his Auto transactions, regardless of whether he is personally responsible or not, Just to Make It Right! However, I have not found him to be A Fool, He is and always has been a First Class Business man. It is well and good to have favorites, personality conflicts or just simply a dislike of someone or something - just because. However, Let's All Remember, Level Heads and Fair / Unbiased consideration and Experience regarding any automobile, let Alone A USED Car! is Buyer Beware...of the Used Car! Not the Professional Providing The Service. Welcome Aboard, George E. Bettasso