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19 Mar 2012
FALSE ADVERTISING AT NEX: 'Hand painted Ostrich Eggs'

Yes, they're ostrich eggs.  No, they're not hand-painted. They're decoupage. That means someone cut out little pictures and glued them onto the egg. Then slathered clear lacquer coats over and over. That's why the surface is suspiciously smooth and thick.They are priced in the jewelry store out front from $139-189.You can buy the exact designs (they're mass produced; it doesn't take much to wield scissors and varnish) from  for $90.For SHAME, NEX Buyer responsible!One hopes you obtain your next root canal or colonoscopy from someone who earned their dental/medical degree through the mail.

22 Mar 2012
Re: FALSE ADVERTISING AT NEX: 'Hand painted Ostrich Eggs'

The wished punishment to the NEX is strong however - unlikely to happen!   Did you report your findings to the NEX manager?  That may solve the problem of the false advertising.