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08 Mar 2012
Harassment at the middle school

It seems there is a group of boys who think its ok to call our daughters filthy names and touch them inappropriately. I have gone to the parents of these boys and it is continuing. I will be contacting the school again about this and see what, if anything they can or are willing to do to stop this. If your daughter is also being assaulted in this way please contact me here. I have a list of the offenders and if it continues I will take it higher.

16 Mar 2012
Re: Harassment at the middle school

This is alarming!  "contact the school again" ? Why was nothing done the first time?  Why has nothing been done since?  "Touching inappropriatly"?  THAT IS A CRIME FOR THE POLICE !  Please contact the police to protect your daughters!  This is an odd place for resolve!! Go now!

04 Feb 2015
Re: Harassment at the middle school

Update please