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16 Feb 2012
Calling a stateside number...

We live on the support site and have a phone through the company on base. How would I go about calling a stateside 800 number? I don't want to do anything that is over the internet. I tried doing that, but when I called the person could barely hear me. I don't really care too much about the cost of it, I just need to call this one time. However, cheaper would be better. 

17 Feb 2012
Re: Calling a stateside number...

Not sure if the phones in housing are setup; but one option is to dial 94+toll free number (without the preceeding 1).Another option is 809-463-3376(a DSN number). which will give you a dial-tone, then you dial the toll free number with the preceeding 1.Both of these work from my desk phone, but I don't live in housing, so can't say for sure that they will work from housing.

17 Feb 2012
Re: Calling a stateside number...

dial 99+001+800-xxx-xxxx
Hope this helps! I've called USAA doing that from my house.
For future reference, you may want to add the facebook group Living Abroad in Naples Italy for a faster and easier response on any questions you may have about living here!