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31 Jan 2012
Be Cautious with Patrick Auto

Attention all Americans be very cautious when purchasing a vehicle from Patricks near support site!

Do your research on his vehicles before purchasing. i.e. ( website similar to )

He gets a lot of Americans to buy his cars because he offers you a 1-2 year warranty.

What he doesn't tell you is that he over prices his cars by about €1500 roughly $2000. (Sometimes over €1500)

So that being said, if that car lasts with 1-2 years with no problems he not only profits off you but he pockets the additional (warranty) money.

If in fact you do bring your vehicle to him for repairs as long as he keeps that repair cost under $2000 and He will, he will STILL be profiting from you.

So my point is you can find a car on your own in the Italian classifieds where your not limited to his 10 car inventory and if your car makes it a tour with no issues, you just saved $2000.

No offense to anybody who doesnt agree with me. Patrick is a very kind and convincing person and your all free to do whatever you want I'm just giving a fair warning be careful and do your research that's all.

10 Mar 2012
Re: Be Cautious with Patrick Auto

Thomas: I have to disagree with you for several reasons. I've never done any business with Patrick, but I can tell you that he honors his warranty. Try to take your beater back to a private seller and ask him to fix it... let me know how it goes. Second, his prices although slighlty higher than oyur average car out there, he makes the MVRO process nearly transparent to his customers. Trying to register a vehcile through MVRO is a lengthy process, and it costs $$$, one that most private sellers won't want to deal with from my experience. Your best bet is to buy one already in the MVRO system and avoid the extra costs/paperwork.

14 Mar 2012
Be Cautious with Patrick Auto

I've been here for 4 years and I've referred tons of people to Patrick and none of them have ever had a problem. He charges a little premium, but you get what you pay for and he ensures that his cars work. There is no car faq here and you don't know what you're getting with a private Italian Seller or any seller for that matter. If you want piece of mind, go to Patrick. If it is not a concern for you, then look else where. Does Patrick make a profit, of course he does. Do you think he should be doing it for free? What car dealer in the world doesn't try to make money?        Also, there used to be two car dealerships right outside the base and they both closed down. I think it's a sign of the quality of service that Patrick offers that he's still open and doing good business.

18 Mar 2012
Re: Be Cautious with Patrick Auto

I agree with Jose and J.  I did not buy my car from him, but many friends have. The warranty was honored and even got a ride to and from the base from his shop for the repairs.  Beware because he is making a profit? Businesses are in business to make a profit.  He sells good cars, takes care of the curstomer and understands their needs.  All the things a good business should do.  

18 Mar 2012
Re: Be Cautious with Patrick Auto

I've purchased two vehicles from Patrick and he's done right by me and my family. Anything we have needed to have fixed, he has done without complaint, and they weren't little things either. One of the vehicles, we weren't 100% sure, but were pretty sure that it was an alternator issue. We called Patrick, he took it in and had it fixed, and yes, it was the alternator. Fixed it and a spark plug that was going bad, too. He has picked us up and dropped us off both from base and from our house out in town, and if he can't come/do it then his brother or one of his other employees will do it. Yes, he charges more for his vehicles, but his prices include a one year warranty that he honors, and that to me is priceless here in Naples, where I wouldn't know where to go to get my vehicle fixed or who to trust if something happened to my car. Patrick would be shooting himself in the foot if he didn't honor his warrany, and with how much business he does with NATO and US military members, I don't think he would still be in business if he was a cheat. Both of the cars we've purchased from him were in good condition and the mileage was low for the ages of the cars. He does payment plans (6 months) if you need need the extra time, and is very polite. I've dealt with US dealerships who were exactly what you would think of as "used car salespeople"....Patrick does not act that way. i would most certainly buy another car from him if I needed to, and would recommend him to anyone who asks.

23 Mar 2012
Re: Be Cautious with Patrick Auto / Try Gino's in Lago Patria

If you are not happy with Patrick, then try Gino in Lago Patria. He works out of the Power Lab store across from Party House Bar. He has taken great care of me and the car I purchased from him 2 years ago.

24 Mar 2012
Re: Be Cautious with Patrick Auto

I agree with you Arthur, Ginos cars are very reliable.

02 Mar 2014
Re: Be Cautious with Patrick Auto

Oh just as an FYI, it is Italian law that requires dealers to provide a minimum 12 mos warranty with each car sales. The dealer has to include that price into the cost of the vehicle. Also the cost of transferring a car into the AFI system is about $500 dollars (so I've heard) and Patrick pays that cost also. But for him to make a profit it would require he pass on the costs to the customer. It's just the rule of business and should be expected. Businesses do it all the time.

11 Mar 2014
Re: Be Cautious with Patrick Auto

I have personally purchased a very reliable vehicle for a very fair price from Patrick. He is a honest and fair man with a promising business because he treats people well and provides exceptional service before and after a purchase transaction. I wish him prosperity in his business, as all business men and women should have a fair profit margin or else they wouldn't make a profit.

I highly recommend Patrick to anyone who is in search of a reliable care that wot break down on the Tang or autostrada!

15 Mar 2014
Re: Be Cautious with Patrick Auto

My husband and I PCS’ed to Naples a little over a month ago and we have purchased both of our vehicles from Gino in Lago Patria. We can’t praise him enough! Both cars run great and are perfect for the roads out here; we haven’t had any trouble with them. Gino also was a GREAT help with denationalizing and registering the cars on base. Everyone at MVRO knows him so you just mention that you are buying from Gino and the process is incredibly smooth. He took care of all paperwork on the Italian end of things. He also does a final tune-up prior to delivering the car. Gino really cares about keeping his customers happy and we would highly recommend him for anyone looking to buy in Naples! 

07 Sep 2014
Re:Patrick cared for our car and for our family.

Patrick and his team are good people.
I bought my car from Patrick almost exactly one year ago.  I have traveled 6 countries in that time and put more than 14,000km on the car, and I have had some small problems with it.. and Patrick has been great about taking care of them.  My observations:WHen there were issues, Patrick and his team dropped me off at the gate to SS after I have left the car with him.. including times when it was normal paid work, like an oil change. His brother Rafael has usually done the driving.. he a a genuinely positive and friendly guy too!
Patrick's team has called me and picked me back up when the work is done. He has even helped me on a Sunday with an electrical issue, when the Auto Port could not get me back running. (The Auto Port on base is great, but the hours are AAFES hours, not private)Patrick and his team have treated my wife and sons wonderfully, and his team has as well. To answer a few points in earlier posts, I have been here a year and I have met Gino.  He is a good guy too... a couple of my friends have bought cars from him and are happy.  A few of my friends have their private issues with Gino, and I will leave that alone.. they can post if they would like.  Although I liked Gino, I did not like my experience with a car Gino tried to sell me, so I stuck with Patrick.  Second point, Patrick is making money on his cars.  I would be worried if he were not! That is how a business works, and he is doing well.  But gauge the value of his total product: the car, the warranty, and the service... and the care of the relationship.. In my experience, Patrick is off the charts!  In fact, I had a few problems with my car a couple of months ago, and I was very glad for the 1 year warranty!
To summarize, I bought a fairly old car (more than 12 years old) relatively cheaply from Patrick, and I drove it hard through Europe.  Patrick honored his warranty for the entire year with the problems that developed, cared for my family like they were his own, went the extra mile on customer service, and made sure that I was never let down.  Buy a great car from Patrick.  Trust that you will be taken care of. Thank you all for taking the time to read this.  Enjoy beautiful Italy!