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06 Jan 2012
From rome to naples

anybody know the what train takes you from rome to naples and about how much it cost

10 Jan 2012
Re: From rome to naples

Go on this web-site and choose the kinds of trains that you prefer. There are several trains that bring you in Rome from Naples and viceversa.

03 Apr 2012
Re: From rome to naples

Take the train from Villa Literno - takes 2 hours through some great countryside and depending on what time you go it is only Euro 9.30 each way!  The Trenitalia website is excellent (and in English), it will tell you which trains are the cheap ones.  Beware though, tickets are not transferable and if you get on the wrong train, it could cost you quite a lot of money!  Your car is pretty safe in the car park for the day (in fact, some of my friends leave theirs over night, with no issues...).