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20 Nov 2011
Hiking or Trekking

I go hiking alot around this area, but are there any hiking/trekking groups around? If people would like to come with me, my friends and I go to Carney, Caserta, and other places around here but we take our dogs! We generally like the outdoors and nature. If you know of others or associations that do this, please let me know or if you would like to start hiking or walking in nature.

29 Nov 2011
Re: Hiking or Trekking

i love hiking a go pretty regularly. I have not done any that have been close. the closest has been about an hour and a half drive.a pretty good website i get all my hikes from is the site is in italian so i would advise using google translater toolbar to be able to read.the hikes are all over italy. the only problems i have found is there is no exact starting points listed on the site. there is the town it starts in so you have to wander around abit to find some trails.if you want more info or someone to hike with let me know. my name is justin call me if you want. 348-483-1139