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15 Nov 2011

Anyone know what's going on with KFC?

21 Nov 2011

I love KFC in the States.  My Italian wife thinks it is horrible.  Funny story, we were here last year and I bought some KFC chicken at the support site.  My wife was driving us home in Licola and I was riding shotgun eating chicken.  We stopped at an intersection and I saw a medium size homeless dog on the side walk.  Being an animal lover, I opened the car window and tossed the dog a KFC drumstick.  The dog sniffed it, then turned around and peed on it and walked away.  My wife said, see even the stray dogs won't eat it.  I have to admit, it wasn't as good as I got in the States.  I tried the roasted chicken at the Commissary Deli today.  It tastes good and for $6 for an entire checken it was a good deal.  Dave (Retired Navy)