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15 Nov 2011
Diving Club

I am new to Naples, PCS'd here about 3 1/2 weeks ago. I am an advanced open water diver, did a lot of diving in Guantanamo Bay (5+ dives a week on average) where I picked up my Basic/Advanced cert and was looking forward to diving the Mediterranean when I arrived. Is there a dive club on base or a dive club out in town with English speaking or American members? I went for a dive once in March after I got back from Cuba in San Diego and I wasn't impressed and all my gear has been collecting dust since then. I would like to get back into the sport while I am here for the next two years. If there is no club, is anyone interested in maybe starting one up? There has to be some amazing wrecks and ruins out there, once in a life time opportunities.

16 Nov 2011
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Re: Diving Club


Check out this link:

Also my dive gear is collecting dust as well.  I have a 15 ft inflatable here with me.  I just need the partner and reason so get out an make it happen.

17 Nov 2011
Re: Diving Club

Thanks for the link, I checked out the Diving forum and it seems the last post was November 2nd, before that sometime in like June. Doesn't seem very active, the last listed EVENT is sometime in April, lol

I will try and get in touch directly with that Lewis character and see if he can provide some more information, as the spring and summer rolls around I will be extremely interested in diving. We may have to reach out and find more divers around Naples, I know there has to be more people on base and maybe even off who have a past with the sport and don't wanna miss out on all the opportunities available here.

28 Nov 2011
Re: Diving Club

Im a Open Water Diver I got my certification from PADI.  Haven dive since for ever!  I don't have any gear other than my snorkel, mask and the fins.  I know that once I looked at the PADI website and found a couple of places that do diving trips in the local area.  Personally haven't tried them:

  -  Centro Sub Campi:  (081) 853-1563;; Centro Sub Campi Flegrei, S-798439, Via Napoli 1, Pozzuoli, NA 80078.

  -  Vertigo Dive Worldwide:  (333) 807-2181;;; Vertigo Dive Worldwide S-21784, Viale Della Liberazione 1, NA 80124