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11 Nov 2011
Public Transportation

I currently reside at the Hotel Agora just down the street from the Receiver Site, the hotel is great, staff are friendly and accommodating, however the shuttle bus lacks. One shuttle to SS in the morning, one shuttle back to the hotel in the evening. I am curious if anyone knows the proper public bus routes to get me from the hotel to SS and back. There is a CTP bus stop right outside the hotel, however the website is entirely in Italian and even when translated through Google, it provides no maps or direction to get back and forth. I have a car coming in a few weeks so I don't feel it necessary to pay an outrageous amount for a car Im just gonna sell again in 2 yrs, I just need temporary transportation on weekends and days where I don't have to work. Waiting 10+ hours on SS gets tiring and old very fast when I only needed to be there for an hour to grab groceries or other necessities. Thanks for any help you guys can provide.