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03 Oct 2011
Church in Avellino

Hi, we are a family of 5. We have been missionaries for many years now, moved to Avellino in 2004 and planted a mission.There is a church service once a week and a food and clothes distribution once a month. We have friends,and know some people that live in Avellino and the nearby areas who speak English, and are planning on having a weekly Bible study in our city. It's going to be in English, since we have already been going on in Italian for a while. I, Ciro,  have been a missionary since 1994. While attending  Bible college in the US in 1999 I met my wife and we came to Italy a few years later. Please if you are interested, or live near and are looking for an English church please do not hesitate to contact us..thank you and may God bless you. Ciro and Kathy

You can contact us by replying to this post, or email us at
or call/text us at 393-136-3132- ciro or 333-647-1514

14 Oct 2011
Re: Church in Avellino

Great people and a great cause! They serve Italians and Americans in their area and ours. They accept clothing donations and volunteers for their monthly food distribution, as well. (And their area is absolutely beautiful, by the way!!)