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02 Sep 2011
Dog Tags (for actual dogs!) On Base

I'm new to the puppy owning world and I'm trying to figure out where I can get a tag made with my puppies name and our address on it. Does any one know? On base would be best of course, but I can go out in town too. In addition, does anyone know any good pet stores out in town? Thanks in advance for the info :) 

03 Sep 2011
Re: Dog Tags (for actual dogs!) On Base

We did our tags online. I don't remember the website but I'm sure we googled it and picked the first link that popped up.  I've had a few done on my trips back to the states.  Maybe a family member or friend can have one made at a large pet store and send it to you.  There is a "dog tag" vending machine in the Campania mall in front of the Carrefour by the gelato stand.  I don't know if it has small tags.

Congrats on your dog.


04 Sep 2011
Re: Dog Tags (for actual dogs!) On Base

Thanks for the info Jamie! I've heard from a couple people that doing them online is the best option, so I think we'll go that route. 

06 Sep 2011
Re: Dog Tags (for actual dogs!) On Base

I went online for all my puppies needs. Petsmart and there is another company that would ship over here. But I bought the toys, food, bedding, leashs and everything through them if I didnt like the selection at the NEX. They have a good selection for being overseas but if you want to look at prices and options, your best bet is petsmart or another big pet company.