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01 Aug 2011
Fantasy Football !!!!

"Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!!!?!!"

   The season is a go, let's get a fantasy league together. I think we could meet at the S.S. to do the draft and just use online from there. ESPN has a good league set up. Let me know if you're down, Sunday's would be the best for a draft. A team of 10-12 would be nice, less wouldn't be a problem but no more than 12.


Hit me up with a reply if interested.



03 Sep 2011
Re: Fantasy Football !!!!

Hey Nolan, I'm Cam.

I've just been posted to the JFC and am looking for any local Dynasty leagues are short players.

You still need guys?

09 Jun 2014
Re: Fantasy Football !!!!

name's Brian. im in. whats the buy in?