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16 Jul 2011
Mrs. James
Anyone have the number to Churra ?

Here is their website When I try to call to reserve a table, I can't get through. I don't know if the number is disconnected. The last time I emailed them, they said they never got it.

22 Jul 2011
Re: Anyone have the number to Churra ?

Phone #081-839-2539.   Do not use the online rsvtn system - it has never worked.  The problem you are having getting through by phone may have to do with the time of day you are calling.  Try calling closer to the time they open (8pm). 

If you are a small party, you don't really need reservations.  We just generally arrive a few minutes before 8pm.  The Italians (even those with reservations) don't begin to show up until well after 9pm.