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14 Jul 2011
Rock climbers welcome!

Welcome climbers of all experience levels, beginner - advanced.  Carpool to local climbing areas (Amalfi to Sperlonga) with an experienced sport climber (10+ years). Available weekends & occasional Fridays.

have ropes & rack.

This is for recreation only (not a class). 

Call Paul



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April TR at Sperlonga
02 Sep 2011
Re: Rock climbers welcome!

my name is justin and i am new to the area and have been looking for people to climb with.i seen your ad and was wondering if your still in the area and willing to climb. i am somewhat of a beginner. i have climbed outdoors only twice but i am always up for a challange. i have led climbs of 5.9's but have done 10a's.if you get this feel free to give me a call.348-483-1139.

12 May 2015
Re: Rock climbers welcome!

CIAO!My name is Landon, I am a novice rock climber but I am looking at becoming a guide when I get out. I would LOVE to take anyone out, or to tag along on a trip/ carpool with people. I'm a little rusty at the moment, but I have all my own sport climbing gear and can hold my own. my cell is 344-184-1538, text me if you wanna go any time. I work nights three on three off for right now, so my schedule for climbing i ssuper flexible.