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13 Jul 2011
Here's our list of cleaning produts

For those arriving at Naples and haven't been to the ICR classes. Here is our list of cleaning products we use off base. It can also be used for living at the SS.

AMERICAN cleaning products do NOT clean like ITALIAN cleaning products!!

Viakal WC Gel: toilet

Mastro Lindo Bagno: Pulito Infinity: Bathroom

Sgrassatore Universale: Profumo di Marsiglia SuperPotente Su Ogni Tipo di Sporca: Degreaser for kitchen stove, etc...

Ajax Classico Maxi Splendore: floor cleaner. Also, Mastro Lindo works great AND buy the no rinse kind (Non c'e bisogno di risciocquare) - hope I spelled that right. ;)

General Fresco & Brillante: Formula Anticalcare Bucato Splendete, lavatrice protetta: laundry detergent that we use for the kids because it has NO perfume/dyes, etc..

Hope this helps! I'm looking for an Italian fabric softener safe with NO perfume/dyes. Please help. :)




03 Sep 2011
Re: Here's our list of cleaning produts

Viakal also makes a great de-scummer for the calcium.  I also used the Silex brand of cleaner "anticalcare" (acid really) to get the calcium off the stainless in the bathroom and kitchen sink. Pretty much spray it on, see it dissolve and wipe it off.  Amazing. I had my kids try for 1 1/2 hours with US cleaner and pumice.  This stuff did it in less than 5 minutes.