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17 Jun 2011
Thrift Store

I was looking at the base website but I can't find anything on there regarding the thrift store. Does anyone know what time and days they are open? I just want to drop some stuff off and not leave it outside at the door.



18 Jun 2011
Re: Thrift Store

Tuesday and Thursday 9 am-1 pm and Tuesday evening 4:30- 7pm.

20 Jun 2011
Re: Thrift Store

Hi Melissa, Thanks for the info. Will have to find other arrangements. The store is open when I have to work. No Saturdays? Thinking this is typical. Very frustrating.

20 Jun 2011
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Re: Thrift Store

Why dont you try calling them or sending them an email?? The info is on the NOSC website and they often have a volunteer there when they are not open who may be able to take whatever you are trying to drop off.

21 Jun 2011
Re: Thrift Store

Every first Saturday of the month they are open. I'm not sure of the exact hours, but I believe it's from 0900-1200. The first Saturday of the month is their bag sale as well. Only $5 for anything and everything you can fit into a brown paper bag, as well as, buy 2 get 1 free.

21 Jun 2011
Re: Thrift Store

Maria, the head volunteer at the Thrift Store is there most of the time, even when it's not open. I don't know if I'm able to put email addresses on here so if you search for the Naples Overseas Spouse Club website you will find their email and can figure out when she's there to drop of the things. The store is only ran by volunteers so that's why it has limited hours so it's great we even have one at all.

18 Sep 2011
Re: Thrift Store

Thrift Store hours: 9-1 tues, thur and the first sat of the month (except on some holiday weekends)

20 Sep 2011
Re: Thrift Store

Hi There! 

I am the Scheduler for the Thrift Store on base. Like Zafera said, please be understanding of hours as we are completely volunteer run! :) 
There are volunteers in the store Monday through Thursday, regardless of Open Hours. However, Open hours Are: 
Tuesdays: 9-1 AND 4:30-7
Thursdays: 9-1
First Saturday of Every Month is Bag Sale Day, with the exception of that day falling on a holiday: 9-1

There will be someone there in the morning on Mondays, I personally am there Monday evenings from 5-8, and there are volunteers in on Wednesday mornings as well. 
We also try to be there consistently on the days nobody is there to bring in the things that are left in the bins. I am personally there at least once a day when they are closed/nobody is working to be sure that the things in the bins outside are brought inside so as not to get ruined or walked away with. 
If you need to schedule a certain time to drop donations off, I can most likely meet you there too! 
I wish I could post my email address on here-but please refer to for more information on Thrift Store Hours, how to get involved, and how to contact us! 
Thank You! 
Mandy Montes

03 Oct 2011
Re: Thrift Store

I wish the Thrift Store would bring back their fitting room. I know that it was done for space reasons, but really, it would be so nice if you could bring that part back. I realize it's a Thrift Store and that prices are considerably lower than what you could buy anything for at the NEX or out in town, but when you are buying for children who outgrow clothes every few months and a family of 6 or more, it can certainly add up very quickly (which is why I shop there). Some of us buy at the Thrift Store because we have to and really do appreciate the services of NOSC, but to be told "It's only $2 or $3" is not a wonderful feeling when you need to really watch what you are spending. If I purchase a dress for me and a few pants/shirts for my kids, it reaches $15 really fast and to find that none of those items fit me or any of the kids is frustrating because I just spent $15 on clothes that are no good and have to re-donated back--I might as well just flush $15 down the toilet because that's exactly what I did. Please bring back the fitting room! And please, don't keep saying to your customers, "It's only ___ dollars." For some of us, that's a week's worth of lunch tickets (reduced lunch price x 5 days) and it really is a big never know who is stretching their budget until next payday. Just my $0.02.

04 Oct 2011
Re: Thrift Store

I totally agree about the fitting room an many more like me.there are so anything s we could buy if we could tray on.

Onestly i prefere the store as it was before and the workers.