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13 Jun 2011
Hard Water

The water here in Parco Eva is exceptionally hard.  I imagine that the situation is the same in other areas nearby.

What solutions have others formulated to deal with this in regards to dish washing, laundry, etc.?

15 Jun 2011
Re: Hard Water

Its bad on base too, I wash my dishes like normal show some mr. clean in there every now and again, laundry they have this stuff called CALGON, you can put in it to help. I've not seen it on base, but I have been looking for it. I do cloth diapers and the hard water is no good. Everyone says it works that I've asked but I can't find a place that ships for cheap over here. 

15 Jun 2011
Mary Jane
Re: Hard Water

For the dishwasher, we dump in about a cup of vinegar every wash.  Once the wash starts (you can hear it swishing), you just open the door dump it in and close the door to restart it.  It eliminates the white film on plastics and glass.  We haven't figured out what to do with the laundry except we use a lot of bleach to keep whites white.  And I use a lot of conditioner in my hair in the shower (sometimes, when you can really smell the chlorine in the tap water, I use the leave in conditioner after the shower as well as conditioner in the shower after shampooing).

21 Jun 2011
Re: Hard Water

Use Italian cleaning products (unfortunately not sold at the NEX or Commissary).  Most of it is geared to this area's hard water.  For cleaning the sink, we use something called Viakal and it gets it nice and shiny with no white "crusties" all over.  Be sure to use gloves when you use it.  Imagine what it can do to your hands if it can clean the crusties off.  We also use Italian laundry detergent called Dixan.  It specifies on the bottle if you have hard water and how much to use (had to do to read instructions).  We also use Coccolino fabric softener.  I think it also smells better than our stuff.  Keep your dishwasher full of salt, use the vinegar (we have a gallon of white vinegar on hand all the time), and use the dishwashing tabs with the red ball in the middle (brainfart on the name right now).

24 Jun 2011
Re: Hard Water

I suggest to add calgon water softner to you laundry it does wonders...Liquid form