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03 Jun 2011
Better Option than NEx TV packages!!

 Just want to let SS peeps know that you have other options besides the NEx package.

 We have something called Graboid. (See for more info.) It's like Hulu except we can see old shows (Gilligan's Island) and old movies as well as those that are currently showing in the States. (The movie Rio was released on Graboid and was playing here on SS at the same time!) There are shows in Italian and other languages as well. The cost is $15 a month for their basic package. I'm not sure how many GB you can download, but we have never gone over the amount. Watch it on your computer or plug into and see it on your TV. You can see what you want, when you want to see it!

 Also, if you have a friend that joins, you get extra GB for that month. It's definitely something to look into and has worked out great for us for the past year or so. It's super-easy to download movies, as well. I am not computer-savvy AT ALL. All you have to do is follow the promts. You can download and watch movies and TV shows from your computer when you travel.  And once you download, you can choose to delete it after watching or keep it permanently. (No more movies to rent or buy!)