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29 May 2011
Horrible Experience


Just wanted to post this as I feel a bit shook up by it.

We have been looking after a dog in Arco Felice and obviously there was some rubbish to take. This morning we placed the rubbish (about 9am) all bagged up in the rubbish. The rubbish was a bit all over the placed but we placed ours on top.This guy on a motorbike came past and starting saying stuff in Italian we just said we dont understand. Which we dont. Anyhow he came to the back of the car must of took our number and as we drove off he followed us for a far distance. Obviously following us we needed to get gas, and he was still there. We did not go straight home, as we had jobs to do. If there is  specific time to leave rubbish there was nothing visible on the bins, and if he thought we were dumping there and not living there, though how he would know I dont know. My question is does anybody know if there is a fine and how much it is etc ? The whole experience was horrible and we always stick to the rules as far as leaving rubbish but it has really freaked me out. Has anyone else had this sort of problem ???



31 May 2011
Re: Horrible Experience

There is a fine, but not sure how much.  You are supposed to dump trash after dark and before sunrise. They just changed and made this a law so it's fairly new.  I doubt anything will be done I wouldn't worry about it. If they send out a ticket you will probably never see it anyhow.

20 Jun 2011
Re: Horrible Experience

It's Naples, you should learn to drive and throw the garbage from the window like they do.  :-)

I wouldn't worry too much about what happened, chances are good that nothing will come of it. 

23 Jun 2011
User Banned
Re: Horrible Experience

all of you are right hahahah,, it is naples,, who cares!!! haha

04 Jul 2011
Re: Horrible Experience

We care, we have to live right by a rubbish dump. The smell is really bad. Kids now always ill, co-incidence?? Could be. The rubbish is a health hazzard

13 Sep 2011
Re: Horrible Experience

My husband was told by a local and municple police that you are allowed to throw 2 bags from 8pm-8am.  Also, if you are throwing trash outside of these hours, and someone see's you (anyone) they can write down your license plate number and send it in.  Then they mail you a ticket.  But chances are, nothing will come of it.....hopefully. 

17 Sep 2011
Re: Horrible Experience

Then I am going to walk through the parking lot of Ipercoop, Leroy Merlin and any pizza parlor you can name and write the license plate down and send it in.  Funny how we are held to the standard that they don't hold themselves to.  9 more months.

06 Oct 2011
Re: Horrible Experience

Oh great, I am relieved I am can take my trash out under the cover of darkness to wake up to heaping pile in the morning.   How about a trash can or a non-corrupt trash organization.


08 Oct 2011
Re: Horrible Experience

just throw it in the street