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26 May 2011
Splotchy clothes after washing! please helpppp

I've noticed recently that our clothes have been getting these white ish splotches all over them after they are washed and dried. We have been using the powder Calgon water softener and I don't think that's what is causing it but I'm not sure..


Does anyone know how tips or tricks to avoid ruining all our clothes?!?!



29 May 2011
Re: Splotchy clothes after washing! please helpppp

Dear Erinn, 

We haven't used water softener, but we did use a powder detergent when we first got here on Support site. Our clothes also got white splotchy spots that I couldn't get out. We switched to liquid detergent and never have a problem again. I just assumed it was like everything else here, not made to be used with american chemicals and products. Anyway, good luck. 

02 Jun 2011
Re: Splotchy clothes after washing! please helpppp

I couldn't agree with Deb more. Avoid using powder soaps even in dishwashers, same concept bec it's difficult to dilute with the kind of water we have. IMHO, I suggest to use Italian soaps i.e. ACE, Sole, etc, again, just because Italian products are designed to the type of their water itself besides it's much cheaper and their fabric softner. Sorry, I don't mean to promote their products against ours; I only speaks (opinion) based from seven years of experience.

03 Jun 2011
Re: Splotchy clothes after washing! please helpppp

  I find that running the wash with my liquid detergent plus about a half cup of baking soda works well. The baking soda seems to do a good job at softening the water. 

  Also, if you have the Italian LG machine, you may want to give them a pre-wash (press the 3rd button from the left. It takes about 20 minutes.)  I then put it on a full cycle (I do an extra rinse--the second button from the right, just b/c we have such hard water here. You may find its not needed for you.) I even do a load when I'm going to bed and it's ready to go through the vinegar rinse come morning.

When it's done, I put it through the 20 min wash cycle with about a half cup of vinegar, which works as a fabric softener, but is much much cheaper, not to mention much better for the environment and for our health. (Fab softener contains a lot of strong chemicals that I don't to breathe in or have on our skin.) The vinegar won't leave a smell, I promise! If you press the first button on the left (centrofuge) it will spin the clothes and they will be ready for the dryer.

(I put a ball of aluminum foil in a linen bag and put it in the dryer to help with static electricity problems.)

Sounds very involved, but once you get a couple of washes down, it's a cinch!